Uber India has launched UberFLEET an Android app for its fleet partners in India on Monday. Uber Fleet allows the fleet owners on its app to manage their vehicles through the same platform.

Uber means that these partners will be able to locate the vehicles using GPS by managing the fleet. The app also calculates the daily and monthly earnings and provides a review on the rides. These fleet partners only will have access to these services in 29 cities in India.

“We have hundreds of thousands of driver partners in India; a lot of them have progressed forward in life as entrepreneurs: they now own their own fleets and work with us as fleet partners. We built technology that supports them in managing their fleets,” says, Apurva Dalal, Head of Engineering, Uber India.

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Owners with more than one vehicle on the Uber network will pay their drivers by their own. Uber is no longer responsible for paying the drivers under the uberFLEET program. The app is designed to enhance the overall productivity to make fleet managing drivers more efficient and reduce the downtime.

The following can be observed on the uberFLEET app:

  • You can Track your drivers’ performance –hours online, trips, earnings, and much more
  • View daily breakdown of their earnings and cash collected to make paying drivers as simple as possible
  • See a drivers’ day-to-day activity – when they log on and off, and details about their trip
  • See individual trip details – pickup and drop-off locations and cancellation details(all on cash, Paytm, and cards)
  • View detailed reports of both you and your driver’s earnings
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Uber also has a built-in a live map which will allow checking the driver’s location in the real time. There are a lot of fleet owners in India who obtain commission from these drivers before paying their earnings. On the other hand, an individual driver can earn more and is also responsible for maintaining his car and expenses.