Micro-blogging Platform Twitter has suspended the account verification Policy. The Account Verification is a process which gives a blue tick mark to prominent public figures stating them as authentic.

Jack Dorsey owned social platform has taken this decision after receiving severe criticism from many Twitter users. Many of the users got upset with Twitter’s decision for giving the blue badge to Jason Kessler, the organizer of the supremacist rally.

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In general Twitter, Verified Blue Badge is given to celebrities, athletes, journalists, and famous people in various fields. It is for helping users to identify and follow the real account instead of a fake or impersonator one. Twitter has designed an online application process for Twitter accounts to receive the blue badge.

Admitting the mistake @TwitterSupport on a tweet stated that

“Verification was meant to authenticate identity and voice, but it is interpreted as an endorsement or an indicator of importance. We recognize that we have created this confusion and needed to resolve it. We have paused all general verifications while we work and will report back soon,”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted that “We should’ve communicated faster on this: our agents have been following our verification policy correctly, but we realized some time ago the system is broken and needs to be reconsidered. And we failed by not doing anything about it. Working now to fix faster,” the CEO said.

Earlier Twitter had denied blue check mark for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Recently Twitter  has decided to introduce expanded 280-character tweets for all. Company says trial move of allowing some tweeters to have double-length character counts is to be rolled out to everyone.

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