Viral websites are the online sites which would spread the latest trending news virally using social network services and other technologies. In recent times, these viral sites play a significant role in disseminating any news or articles. These would eventually create awareness among the internet about what’s going on the Internet.

They can be of different types; some focus on the text type content whereas some websites are more accurate to videos and images. Whatever may be the way they are using but the ultimate aim is to reach people all over the globe.

We are providing you with our list of best viral sites sorted them by giving individual rankings basing on their Popularity, User reviews and Alexa Ranking.

1Diply -

Diply is a viral marketing website which primarily focuses on distributing or sharing creative thoughts, ideas to people across the web. It was launched in November 2013 by Taylor Ablitt, Dean Elkholy, and Gary Manning in Canada. Diply was owned by the Goviral Company and was headquartered in London, Ontario.

It is a global community of having about 150M monthly unique visitors. Diply is also a good place to share your stories and be up to date on the latest trending topics across the globe.

The website offers content in the form of text, images and videos. It covers topics regarding Life, Style, and Culture and also gives the option of advertising for business people.

Users have free access to the website to view information but need to sign up with Facebook or Gmail to share or write about their stories. The global Alexa Rank of the website is 58, and it tops our list of top viral internet sites.

2Buzz feed -

BuzzFeed is an Internet media website company based in New York City. The site publishes most shareable and breaking news about different topics which include entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, social, and Politics.

It was founded as a viral lab on November 2006 by Jonah Peretti and John S. Johnson III and Kenneth Lerer. Currently, the web site is available in different languages like English, French, Japanese, and German, etc.

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Coming with the Slogan “The Media Company for the Social Age” the firm is offering internet users all virally trending topics across the world.

It occupies the second place in our list of top viral websites with its Alexa Internet Rank of 141.

39gag -

It is one of the viral websites that offers loads of funny facts that includes humorous Images, Videos, and Memes.9GAG is known to be one of the best comedy sites and an excellent source of fun on the Earth.

It was founded by Ray Chan on April 12, 2008, in Hong Kong. Currently headquartered in Mountain View, California, the USA published content was available in English and German languages.

9GAG also provides plenty of fun related content that makes you smile and fall in love with the website. The viral site also has mobile applications both in Android and IOS, which would feature the same content on mobile phones too.

It was honoured as the Best Mobile Application of 2014 in Entertainment by Google and Nobel Prize in Humour in the year 2015.The 9GAG was listed in the third spot in our list of top viral websites, and it stands on the 195th position in Alexa Global Rankings.

4Cracked - is one of the top viral websites that offers humour content. The website was formerly a magazine named as the America’s oldest magazine which was started in the year 1958.

The internet site was launched in November 2005 by Jack O’Brien. The site was founded in 2005; E. W. Scripps was its current owner. It has monthly estimated page views of over 300 million. The internet site provides viral content on History, Science, Technology and Music.

It offers enthusiast and creative writers the option of writing to the If they like your content, a right amount would be paid for the writer.

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The website is more populated in more than 170 countries with more users in the USA followed by the United Kingdom. Global Alexa Internet Rank of the site is 1025, and it takes the fourth place in our list of top viral sites.

5Vox -

Vox is a viral website owned by Vox Media. The American online site was founded by Ezra Klein & launched on April 2014.The online site also serves the purpose of a social networking platform. The main theme of the site is to explain the news to all the internet users.

The trade mark feature of is simple “card stack”, which provides context and key definitions related to an article. It mainly focuses on the areas like Health, Technology, life style, Energy and Environment.

One need to register with the website for accessing and sharing the content and it is free for viewing. The content in the site will be updated regularly with latest and trendy news across the globe. The website is a must watch for Internet users who loves to know what’s happening around the world.

The Global Alexa Rank of the is 1109 which makes it to our list of top viral websites at the fifth position.

6Little Things is one of the best viral sites across the globe. It is the best digital spot where inspiring, uplifting, and engaging content can be taken.

It was Headquartered in the New York City and the website features an excellent collection of most popular stories feel real, delicious recipes, videos, and awesome Do It Yourself projects.

The humorous content in it would make you laugh in just a few minutes and will appreciate the wonderful world.

The posts and information on the online site would remember that it’s the LittleThings in everyone’s life that matters the most. The articles published on the website was handpicked and curated by a dynamic team of optimistic and creative people.’ was honoured with many awards in this field for its articles such as Top Facebook Post and the Best Publisher on Social Media for 2015.

The Alexa Global Internet Rank of the website is 1268 which makes it to the sixth place in our list of top viral’ was honoured with many awards in this field for its articles such as Top Facebook Post and the Best Publisher on Social Media for 2015.


Ranker is a social web platform which is designed basing on the individual and collaborative voting and list-making. All the lists on the website are powered by linked datasets for “connected list making? of millions rankable items on different topics.

The internet site was founded by Clark Benson and was first launched in the month of August; 2009. It has raised a total of funds $5.1 million beginning with a $1 million seed round in 2008.

The website Publishes articles and posts regarding films, TV, music, sports, gaming and funny videos which were curated by experts in those fields. It lists different articles and asks users to give like or dislike. Basing on that the article’s position is varied in the list.

Ranker’s Alexa global rank is 1338 and it has taken the seventh position in our list of top viral sites across the world.

8Zergnet -

It is one of the popular viral sites which promotes, shares several articles with its partner sites on free and private networks. The website drives millions of highly linked users daily to publisher’s associate sites.

Zergnet was based in Indianapolis and known as the “content recommendation company?. The internet site differentiates itself from its rivals by concentrating on useful, high quality and less spammed articles.

It uses the ErgNet’s algorithm which powers over 250 Million article recommendations each day. A website is a good place for promoting the useful and excellent content as it offers help for promoting good articles.

One needs to sign up to access the substance of the website while viewership is given free. The Alexa Internet Rank of the site is 1693.The uniqueness and quality of the content makes it to the eighth place in our list of top viral sites.

9Boredpanda -

Bored Panda is a leading viral site which concentrates mainly on fields like art, design and photography for creative people. The team of creative experts picks various articles which would assists creators, artists to transform their stories beautiful art or meaningful photographs.

The highly visual oddity website is dedicated to showcasing most creative artworks, offbeat products which can be sometime’s really weird or wonderful. The website offers humorous posts in different sections like trending, featured and latest.

One needs to sign up for accessing the website for posting any type of photograph or Art. It would share it virally to all the connected users across the globe.Presenlty the website has its base in more than 160 countries.

It has taken the ninth place in our list of top viral sites with the Alexa world wide rank of 1748.

10UPROXX - is one of the major viral sites which concentrate primarily on the premier news. It acts as the digital platform for the current and the future generation. It was launched by Jarret Myer and Brian Brater in 2008 and later owned by woven digital company in the year 2014.

The Internet Company was headquartered in Culver City, California, United States. The web-based site poses a significant team of journalists and storytellers which would deliver a blend of long form and short forms of news, sports, music, and entertainment content.

Their team would handpick the best articles which would be unique and are delivered in an authentic, distinctive voice. UPROXX offers a unique cultural reference which would tune users in engaging in changing their life.

It was ranked 2146 in global Alexa Internet Rankings and ranks tenth in our list of top viral articles.

We are also providing few more viral websites below which were better. We took the Global Alexa Ranking into consideration for sorting out these sites. Hope the list provided by us would be useful. Please subscribe to our website for more information.

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