Google Chrome

According to the statistics made by NetMarketShare, a third party StatCounter. It is rated as the most popular web browser. Surpassing the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer by controlling 41.66 percent of the total internet users emerged as the undisputed champion of all the existing web browsers. Features like extension support and page-rendering speed make it to the top of all the internet browsers.

The main features of Chrome include killing the slow or unresponsive pages without closing the entire browser. The translation feature of Chrome which translates the language of the whole web page to the desired language.The array of precise tools offers user better control over the web. Apart from these features chrome offers a private browsing option called as Incognito.

Internet explorer

Internet Explorer is known to be a bit slow when compared to other browsers. It is not the easiest to use and won’t find a lot of features. Having great security features allows it to be on the list of top browsers. Microsoft’s IE browser enables the user to block sites from cataloging browsing habits. The security panel also gives the user option to block sites individually. Microsoft offers support to the internet explorer browser which makes it one of the frequently used web browser. The Internet Explorer is currently replaced by Microsoft Edge on all the windows 10 devices.


Safari browser is the default web browser of all the Apple products. Being made by the Apple Inc it is pre-loaded on all Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad. Safari loads web pages faster than other browsers. It also provides extensive security features and a pop-up blocking option. The single click feature enables users to block all the cookies and use the internet without any fear of malware attacks. The browser is an excellent choice for Apple users but lacks customization option and performance when used with non-apple products.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has the minimalist and a cooler user interface when compared to others. It is very simple and easy to use. Having a quick access customizable tool bar allows users to customize, add or remove icons. Featuring the option to have add-ons makes it more compatible than the other browsers. Highly sophisticated and organized settings section in a tabular fashion. The browser gives users the option of saving frequently used pages as permanent tabs.


Opera web browser allows faster browsing and has a good synchronization speed. It offers updated standards to its users. This Open Source browser has all the features which shall make your web journey easy and fun. The internet browser includes faster loading of applications and WebPages with tabbed browsing and a customizable search bar.

Having an outstanding Interactive voice feature apart from the options like thumbnail previews, customizable skins makes it one of the best browsers. The inclusion of sophisticated bookmarking tools and integration with e-mail and chat clients makes it even more powerful. The lacking of add-ons and widgets are considered to be the limitations of the opera browser.


Maxthon web browser, exclusively made for users who love customization. It considers as the aggregation of features like customization and security. This versatile browser would fit your browsing requirements and also has Multi-user support. The browser offers luxurious features like Flash, Java applet, and ActiveX blocker. With its highly customizable interface enables compatibility with Internet Explorer plug-ins.

The limitations of Maxthon are not having features like thumbnail previews, a smart toolbar, and anti-phishing technology. The inclusion of the features like spell check, voice interaction, and open-source development would improve the overall usability of the browser.

UC Browser

The web browser is very fast, stable and allows smart downloading with powerful file management. Files can be downloaded at more rapid speed through the servers, even under poor network connections. Users can customize the browsers with the help of a huge variety of themes. The Inclusion of the dark theme allows great comfort for night reading. The WiFi Sharing option offers easy transfer of files between your phone and PC/Laptop. It also has the one touch option of social network sharing which enhances to share everything with friends and relatives via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote. Being ad free is a significant advantage and unique feature of UC Browser.


SeaMonkey web browser is an all-in-one internet suite capable of browsing, email and chat capabilities. The Internet suite is an open-source and a community-driven project differing from the browsers backed by major corporations for profits. This browser allows interested developers, marketers or testers contribute to the development of the web browser. The SeaMonkey browser also has most of the Mozilla’s security benefits as-builts on the same source code.

The web browser safeguards against online threats that include viruses, rootkits and phishing websites. Latest security updates can directly download from its official website. The user interface of the SeaMonkey is a little clunky and outdated when compared to the other web browsers. Due to its open source module, it has many limitations.


The Avant is an internet browser which is not that much speed. But has decent speeds and provides basic browsing functions. The browser is eventually an add-on to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It includes basic features such as tabbed browsing, RSS feeds, and a find-on-page function which gives decent performance.

The browser falls short in comparison to the current internet browsers, but fans of Internet Explorer would like it. The browser sometimes struggles to load some of the modern-day applications like Google Documents. It has a friendly user interface which allows the users to access it easily.

The manufacturers provide adequate help and support via FAQs. No emails and no video tutorials provided. The lack of versatility, compatibility and comprehensive security making the browser usability to shorten, which results in the browser to lag behind the competition.


RockMelt is a Chrome-based web browser which is designed by Google. The primary objective of the browser is to allow users use social networks without having to be on the website or opening the site. The browser’s interface will enable users to see all the latest updates of social networking sites on using a single tab. It also allows users to chat with others and view the tweets published. By giving the option to add RSS feeds, it makes sure not to miss any changes in their favorite websites. It also includes a single share button by which one can share anything within no time via compatible social networks.

The drag and drop option for sharing anything with friends is not bad.


The Torch internet browser is one of the best browsers regarding style and appearance. It is a Chromium-based browser which works great and best suited for daily browsing. It also has some unique aspects such as working in synchronization with the toolbar and faster download capability. This commercial freeware currently works on every version of Windows. The inclusion of Music button and torrent allows faster downloads makes it the best browser for music lovers. It also shows the pending downloads on the browser itself. The open-source browser has an incognito window option for private browsing and great download manager enabling easy downloads. The browser allows the possibility for several add-ons.

Torch browser also equipped with a one-touch social sharing button which enables social sharing without actually opening the social media site. Apart from the social communication & Integration ability it cannot work like a traditional web browser which can be used in the office regularly.

AOL Explorer

AOL Explorer was formerly known as the AOL Browser which is a discontinued graphical web browser. It is based on the Microsoft Trident layout engine and was released by American Online Company. The web browser features tabbed browsing, thumbnail tab pop-ups, and many more unique features. The browser is optimized for the user to feel smoother web experience. It is integrated with new password manager to save and store login credentials, and it comes along with a spell checker. The main feature of this browser is the customization. The browser gives the user the option to customize a toolbar and can access to frequently visited sites by a single click. The lack of security features differs it from the top browsers.

Deepnet Explorer

The Deepnet Explorer is similar to Internet Explorer only by its name. It has a fast page loading time & offers primary browsing. It doesn’t have a flashy or sleek design but can perform basic level operations very well. The browser is designed mainly for facilitating P2P networking and RSS feeds. It allows users to organize the feeds in a tree like structure and can search the feeds by keyword toolbar customization. The web browser also delivers several useful tools and features, using the toolbar web page navigation can be done via integrated mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

The lack of security features differentiates it from all the top-ranked web browsers which consider being the primary drawback of the Deepnet Explorer. It has a regular pop-up blocker and an antiphishing alarm that protects you from fraudulent websites.


Flock known as the social web browser is designed especially for social network lovers. The browsers interface allows users to interact with social networking sites, RSS and media feeds, and blogs. The Free browsers offer high-security features enabling users to work and use the internet without any fear of phishing attacks.It also supports spell checker and comprises of excellent tools to share photos, videos, and news. The browser lacks major web services which result in the degradation of its usability.

It is powered by one of the leading internet browsers Mozilla Firefox. Due to lack of many features, the present generation browsers have the web browser discontinues. The release of its last version is in the year 2011.


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