Google seems to be making things better every day for people and now during the lockdown where most of the people are spending time playing games, it is reported that the tech giant will be launching its support for wireless stadia controllers that can be used across laptops and PCs.

The wireless support to the stadia controller is scheduled to launch this week and is surely a plus point for people playing video games with it as they don’t have to connect an external USB cable to their laptop or PCs. The launch was set to be rolled out in March, but with more fixes and additional updates, users can expect the roll-out this week.

With the help of the marquee feature on the stadia controller, users will be able to connect directly to Google Cloud, which will help them input their responses/commands over Wi-Fi. Until now, this feature is considered to be an advanced and fastest version that the gaming field has experienced compared to the one that was provided by Bluetooth, wired connections, or 3rd party accessories.

In November launch, the company had stated- “Starting this week, you can now use the Stadia Controller to play wirelessly on your laptop and desktop. You no longer need to connect your Stadia Controller physically to your computer to play your favorite games. You’ll be able to link your Stadia Controller and through your Wi-Fi network and play without a USB-C cable connection.”

The November launch was limited to Chromecast Ultra for users playing on TV using a stadia controller. As of now, the wireless support is not yet launched on the web with a display message - “Coming Soon” still appearing on the user’s screen. But, once the update is available for the web platform, users can follow these steps to gain access to the wireless feature - switch on the device and visit for viewing the controller menu that is available on the top right corner and you will then receive a linking code, add it to your controller and you’re good to go.

It was last week when users were asked to install a stadia controller update on their device, that gets installed automatically once they switch on the device by connecting it to Wi-Fi. The light on the controller will flash white and orange and the installation status will be visible on the stadia app until the controller is rebooted completely.

With computers, laptops, and TV gaining access to the wireless controller,the mobile devices are still lagging behind this feature and Google seems to look forward to updating the android gaming experience in the near future.


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