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Jaguar Launches First Electric Concept Car

Jaguar company has taken the step to introduce first electric concept car with the name of I-PACE concept. It is the electric five-seater sports car with amazing and thrilling performance. The company has announced it is available from second half of 2018. It is the first battery powered vehicle exhibited at LA auto show 2016.

We are all very familiar with Jaguar Company. It is luxury vehicle brand of the land rover. It is a British multinational car manufacturer, and its headquarters are located at Whitley, Coventry in England. In India, this company is owned by Tata Motors.

Here I-PACE concept means battery electrical vehicle which works with no combustion engine. Instead of fuel power is supplied to electrical motors and stored in the rechargeable batteries

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This I-PACE concept is 5 seater cabin which is very luxurious and sporty. It has built with fine material and advanced technology. As it is the electrical vehicle, so no need to think space for combustion engine or transmission tunnel.

By this car, you can have a thrilling drive. It accesses its power in a range of driving environments too. It has wheel drive facility and sports drive agility. It inspires confident driving on all roads and in all weather conditions.

It is working with advanced technology. It delivers effortless engagements through four screens. The center console contains two infotainment touch screens. The price of the car will mention soon.


This first electric concept car will deliver 700Nm instant torque, 400 PS, and 0-400 km/per hour in just 4 seconds. Simply we can say it is next generation car with future-facing design to deliver zero emission providing the real driving experience.


This car offers a range greater than 500 km on a single charge. You can drive smoothly up to 500 kilometers by charging once

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Battery and Charging

It is built with the high tech lithium ion battery which has a capacity of 90 kWh. This car can achieve 80% charge in 90 minutes with a 50kW DC rapid charger.


I-PACE Concept is a five-seater spacious car. Its rear load capacity is 530 liters and front luggage compartment is 36 liters.

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