Bulldozer Street Battle

A combat war in China that Bulldozers turns up to Transformers

We have seen different types of fighting styles (Kung Fu, Karate, Jujitsu, Aikido, and Taekwondo, base budget Transformers fight) but not the Bulldozer fight.

But here in Northern China, A Bizarre front loader bulldozer battle in between two workers of two different construction companies has happened. Seemingly, multiple bulldozers got crazy at each other and started fighting each other where we never have seen on a public road.

The cars are driving on the street all over tried to stay away from the ridiculous happening never on the open roadway. Very angrily, the total of six giant construction machines (bulldozers) uncontrollably pissed off at each other and bulldozers even got flipped off.

The fight started with two front loaders, successively remaining four dozers assaulted each other. If you notice in the video released on Saturday, a guy’s bulldozer got flipped, and he right away runs to another friendly bulldozer and attempting to flip the opponent bulldozer to presume the fighting.

Competitive Construction Companies workers argument escalated to the destruction of heavy machinery resulting flipped over of two bulldozers, said Police in northern China. Xu Feng, a local government Spokesman, reported that he couldn’t disclose the details about the arrest and injuries happened until the final report of investigation come to an end.



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