Citrus Tel made an announcement about the launch of its own web browser based communication platform which offers free online phone calls to mobile and landline phones via the internet using VOIP technology.

No need to download any app and plug-ins. The user no need to Sign up or make payment to make free online calls. The only thing you have to do is enter your phone number on the dial pad and click on the call button, Citrustel connects your call from the web browser to the final mobile or landline-based phone number.

“Imagine opening website and making a free phone call right from the homepage, without having to sign up or making a payment.” CitrusTel spokesman, Stephen Drake. “You can do that with CitrusTel. This is ground breaking innovation.”

Citrustel Technologies LLC launches Citrus Tel. It is world’s most advanced VOIP phone which lets users to make cheap domestic and international calls from a web browser using Internet connection.

Citrus Tel is wholly owned subsidiary of Citrus Tel Technologies, and it leverages VOIP technologies and modern web and has relationships with more than 2000 carriers worldwide for offering highest quality free internet calls. It allows consumers and business to make free internal calls to mobile and landline phone around the world.

It lets users to make free online calls to more than 200 countries around the world. More countries are being added to this list. Its main goal is to make international calls completely free.


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