Actor Aton Yelchin aged 27 was killed on Sunday in an accident when his car crushed into to the driveway wall according to the police. The young Actor played a lead role of young Russian starship navigator “Pavel Chekov” in JJ Abrams’ “Star Trek” reboot series in 2009. Though no foul play was suspected, the accident is still under investigation.

Jenny Houser, a spokesman for Los Angeles Police Department statement says- “On Sunday, June 19 at 1:10 in the morning, a fatal traffic collision occurred. It was the result of the victim’s own car rolling backwards down his steep driveway, pinning him against a brick mailbox pillar and security fence. The victim was on his way to meet his friends for rehearsal. And when he didn’t show up, his friends went to his house, where they found him deceased by his car. It appeared he had momentarily exited his car leaving it in the driveway.”

The young actor Anton Yelchin death was a shock to many who know him both personally and professionally. We found many emotional responses on Twitter. “Anton Yelchin was a bright, brilliant talent, and a truly kind person. I was so taken by him, and won’t ever forget his sweet smile. RIP,” wrote Vinyl Star. Olivia Wilde. Another actor, John Cho who played Lieutenant Sulu in the three “new” Star Trek movies tweeted, “I loved Anton Yelchin so much. He was a true artist – curious, beautiful, courageous. He was a great pal and a great son. I’m in ruins.”

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The young Russian actor was born in the year 1989, but soon in his infant stage itself he was immigrated to the US. The first role was in the year 2000 in the episode E.R. With the times he was famous through many television shows in addition. The rising actor is famous for his role played in the American Crime drama film Alpha Dog in the year 2006. Anton played a role called Jacob Clarke in the Steven Spielberg miniseries “Taken” and was also seen in the films “Terminator Salvation,” “Charlie Bartlett,” “Fright Night,” “Like Crazy,” and “Only Lovers Left Alive” from 2007 and 2013. Yelchin was also pretty famous as a dubbing musician. “I had never called myself a musician, but I can mess around on the guitar,” said Yelchin in an interview in 2014.


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