Video slideshow creation is a new trend in the year 2020. There are many video slideshow makers available online. Some are worthy ones. Some eminent video slideshow apps are available online. Other than that, some online apps that are available free. Nevertheless, the basic procedure includes creating folders and saving pictures and music on it.

YouTube videos

There are various apps and online websites available for making YouTube videos. You can for any good YouTube video maker. Obviously, you need to add files in your video making app or into the online website. The edition portion is something you need to be expert enough. If you are new to the website or app, you might need to open an account. However, getting the pictures chronologically ready is also essential. The ones who are expert in making videos know the subtle features required in it. They sometimes share blogs and articles and feature stories on online sites. You can always go through them.

Collect the Photos and Music

Collection of the right pictures and music is essential to determine the right tone of your slideshow. The right setting of the pictures depends upon the theme of your slideshow. Not only that, but the collection of music also matches the choice of pictures and the theme. It is obvious that you are going to get your pictures and music from stored folders. If you have kept your pictures and music in your android device, then you need to get it transferred to your computer. If you have kept your pictures and music in your cloud folders or Google drive, then getting them is easy. The selection of the right photos and the music is the reason a slideshow becomes a hit among the viewers.

Choose the Right app or Website

There are various slideshow-making apps available in the online world. These apps and websites come with free as well as premium access. If you want to use these apps for your android, then you can get it from the Google Play store. Fortunately, there is some prominent video slideshow making software available in the market. If you are looking for software, then you can take suggestions from the web world. There are many slideshow makers that are free to download and use. There are popular slideshow apps and websites. However, you need to choose that particular app, which makes you access comfortably. If you find one, then stick to it.

Google and its Slideshows

You must know that the Google Photos app has its own automatic slideshow making capability. No wonder, this feature gives the users the amazing experience of getting auto-slideshows with inbuilt music. As far as innovation goes, the Google Photos app also allows the users to customize their slideshows by choosing the photos manually. In any case, this feature of Google is already a hit among the users of Android devices. Usually, the app targets an album to get the slideshow done. They even add effects and beautiful features to make the final output look amazing.

Facebook and its slideshows

Facebook has its feature to add slideshows for its users. Everybody knows that the platform creates slideshows on special occasions of the users. In fact, Facebook presents users with beautiful graphics and designs with pictures and music in their slideshows. It has been famous in the Facebook world. Along with that, the users get the facility to share these slideshows in their account wall. Nevertheless, the occasions can be some specific years of friendship with a particular friend on Facebook. Keeping that in mind, this social media platform also adds special anniversary slideshows or birthday slideshows for their users. On that account, this platform also includes slideshows of several years a user completes in this social media. They choose the music according to the occasion and the user and the account.

Eminent Slideshow apps

There are apps where you can get your pictures and music assembled to get various free slideshows. These apps like vlogit are real wonders in the names slideshow creators. They are user-friendly and exciting. No doubt, you are going to find them helpful in creating small videos. If you are looking for creating a funny or cute slideshow, then they can be useful. However, the most significant challenge comes with understanding and knowing the basic ways of creating a slideshow. If you do not know the basic tricks and terms, then your slideshow can turn out to be a flop. For example, a balanced slideshow is not more than sixteen minutes.

Knowledge is power

All know that creating slideshows is interesting. However, it is necessary to understand that you need to go through the basic tools and features of creating a fantastic slideshow. Nevertheless, there are specific instructions and procedures which you need to follow to create your slideshow. Nonetheless, you need to know that a video slideshow duration depends upon the theme. Usually, a birthday or anniversary slideshow is for ten minutes or fifteen minutes. Therefore, it takes at least a hundred pictures to cover up a ten or twelve minutes’ slideshow. However, a piece of appropriate music is necessary. On the other hand, a slideshow about the funeral requires a maximum of eight pictures every minute.


Naturally, creating a slideshow is easy and fun. People around the world create slideshows and upload them on social media platforms. Nevertheless, thousands of pictures, music, and slideshow apps are available in the web world. However, the essential factor is to understand the ways of creating slideshows. On that note, you should know the exact process of creating the slideshows. It does not matter if you choose a YouTube video making app or any other website. The vital matter is your creativity. If you can show your creativity, even a simple slideshow can be eye-catching and mind-blowing. It all depends on you.


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