Taking care of the web developers’ community in the whole world, Microsoft and Google are now teaming up for the betterment of app development on Android, as announced. The developers of Microsoft and Google i.e. PWABuilder and BubbleWrap respectively have now started to work together to assist the web developers to build PWAs and as soon as they publish in the Play Store of Google.

As you all know, till today’s date, there are so many operating systems available like Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS and Linux. Further, things to look up after this collaboration is the shortage of tools, but no, there’s no shortage of tools as QT or Google’s flutter are there to help the developers.

The new generation has web apps called Progressive Web Apps. After this announcement, it can be said that “the world’s largest software vendors are now collaborating with each other to make PWAs simpler just like first class citizens of Google Play Store. 

What basically is PWABuilder and Bubblewrap? Bubblewrap is Google’s builder having different command line utilities and libraries to give rise to and signing in to Google Play Store packages from different progressive web apps. 

On the other hand, Microsoft’s open source tool for developers, PWABuilder aims to help you build PWAs with better high quality and make your steps easier to publish them on app stores.

As Microsoft says that PWABuilder has started using Bubblewrap under the hood, successively it has decided to give back some of the integration features to different PWAs on Android. 

Do you know what web shortcuts are in apps? They are now supported by PWAs packaged for Google Play Store, which lets you hop back or forth to a particular section in an app. These web shortcuts are seen in the Windows when you right-click on the icon in the taskbar and it will appear as a jump list. You can hold and press on the app icon in case of Android. 

Unlike other native Android apps, PWAs will be able to change the color of the status bar to match the app’s theme.

Both the world’s largest software vendors are collaborating with each other for their own reasons. The reason for Google is that it wants PWAs to be benefitted by having only one app story that will encompass all of its existing platforms and after all uses the platform that it knows the best i.e. the Web. On the other hand, the reason behind Microsoft for collaboration with Google is that it is trying to publish its PWAs from its existing web apps to make up for the lack of apps on its store.   


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