samsung laundry game changer

Samsung introduces its revolutionary FlexWash™ + FlexDry™ laundry system, set to be unveiled at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. This Versatile laundry has paired with two washers and two dryers in one system, and Samsung Laundry Game Changer is giving customers more choices to do laundry the way they want, in all types of situations.

Samsung Laundry Game Changer is the next generation product which is more advanced and flexible laundry solution to meet the needs of busy modern families.

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The company has added the unique features in the two machines to tackle the wash day needs. The Flex Wash front loader has equipped with five Cubic of capacity, and it is largest in its class 1 to handle normal or bulky loads. In the meanwhile the FlexWash top loader has equipped with another cubic foot of capacity and is used to wash smaller loads separately from the main load.

This Flex Dry is used to dry the fabrics. It can tackle large laundry loads with the added flexibility to dry a few delicate items at the same time. It has a special zone which adjusts the heat between room temperature and 95 degrees Fahrenheit automatically depending on the fabric material.

Seo Byung Sam, the president of the Home appliances at Samsung Electronics said  “We have introduced a FlexWash™ + FlexDry™ in a laundry system which fits any need all at once. This new Flexwash washer uses three core of Samsung laundry technologies with super speed, vibration foam, and vibration reduction technology.”

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This flexwasher does not need a water lines, and its eliminates the need the professional while installation. It is very easy-to-reach top-load areas on each washer and dryer unit allow consumers to load or unload laundry comfortably. Along with this, they are giving a transparent glass on the top to check laundry cycles at a glance.

Samsung has introduced the concept of Flex wash and flex dry in CES Innovation Award honorees in 2017. It is a string of innovations in activewash in 2015 and Add Wash in 2016.


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