The specifications of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra have been leaked various times. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is set to get a lot of upgrades over its predecessor. One such significant update is the support for S Pen. The most-premium smartphone will apparently get S Pen support. But, contrary to the Galaxy Note smartphones, the S21 Ultra won’t come with a devoted slot for the smart stylus.

Customers have to buy the S Pen cover case apart from the phone, either by itself or as a component of a pack with select cases. Those cases are an imperative part as they will house the stylus close by the phone. A picture of the Galaxy Ultra S Pen cover case has been leaked.

The leaked picture shows the S Pen and a viable S21 Ultra Flip Case, which stylus customers might need to coil as the case will have a spot to store the S Pen when not being used. Past rumours have implied that the S21 Ultra won’t have a spot on the phone for keeping the optional device.

Like with the Galaxy Note line, gestures, taking photographs, actions for scrolling or playing, pausing, and resuming videos will be supported in S21 Ultra’s S Pen. The site reports that the S Pen will retail for $50.

As far as functionality is concerned, reports indicate that S Pen accessible for the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a pressure-sensitive tip and a digitizer tech created by Wacom. Also, it is said to have a remote to allow customers to start, pause, or stop video with a tick or scroll through a presentation, remotely. Additionally, the S Pen is proclaimed to include an accelerometer sensor from which gesture controls will be supported.

Samsung didn’t promptly react to a request for comment.

The addition of S Pen support to the S21 comes as rumours spread that Samsung will end the creation of its stylus-packed Galaxy Note line to focus more assets on its foldable line of smartphones in which Z Fold 2 and Z Flip 5G is also included.


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