Samsung Knox Blackberry

South Korean multinational electronic components manufacturing company Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and the Canadian multinational telecommunication and wireless equipment company BlackBerry Limited has joined hands for an important project. This is not the first time that Samsung and BlackBerry have come together for a project to do so (A high secured Tablet).

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Blackberry Limited is known for its high secured operating system used in its mobiles and Samsung is known for its high-quality electronic components manufacturing. Both have joined their hands and took the responsibility of providing a highly secured tablet for the Government of Germany. Samsung Electronics will make the Tablet, and the Blackberry Ltd will provide the Security software.

Though Samsung is providing the company’s most secured software “Knox”, the German government is keen on more security levels as they wanted the gadget to be spy-proof. BlackBerry is providing its “Secusmart” for the gadget.

So, the German Government will be acquiring Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Samsung’s Knox Security and BlackBerry Secusmart Security encrypted card. This will provide the German officials a highly secured data protection in the gadget.

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The other details regarding the project are kept confidential. The reason for the secured tablet and the cost of the project is unknown to the outside world. The reason as why the German Government has taken up the project is also a news of suspense.

In the past, BlackBerry and Samsung have worked together on a similar project. Samsung Tab S 10.5 has the duo’s security protection software combinedly.

BlackBerry though suffering from lack of its smartphone sales in the gadget market, it is still known for its high secured features. BlackBerry devices are the highly secured data protection mobiles even for today. Samsung though the leader in sales at present, did not gain the reputation regarding the high security for data for its products.


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