With Coronavirus pandemic hitting hard on tech companies, many are planning relocations, pivoting strategies and launching products as an afterthought. But Apple is not a typical company, is it? Apple has been releasing all kinds of devices like iPad Pro.

iPad Mini, the portable version of the famous iPad, has been often overlooked by Apple developers leaving many Mini fans asking for more. In 2019, Apple launched a new model of Mini after 4 years without any updates to Mini. This launch is unexpected but not surprising as the new model is launched with only a few internal tweaks.

But if the recent rumors are to be believed, Apple is working on two new iPads. One 10.8-inch model and another 8.5 to 9-inch model. This suggests a big bang update is in line for iPad Mini. The 10.8-inch iPad is too ambitious for a Mini, but 8.5 to 9-inch model is very much realistic.

iPad Mini is released in 5 models, but the screen size of 7.9 inches is the same for all of them. An increase in screen size of more than half an inch will be the biggest news for Mini lovers since the tablet’s release in 2012.

iPad Mini is generally used by digits artists who love the portability of the model and lighter weight compared to iPad or iPad Pro. Screen restriction has been the biggest challenge for them and was one of the pain points for many Mini users. The extra inch will be a boon for many digital artists using the iPad Mini. If MacRumors are to be believed, Apple finally addressed the major pain point of the iPad Mini.

 The increase of an inch can potentially increase the weight of Mini considerably. But Apple may not necessarily increase the overall size too much. One way is to reduce the bezels around the display. If that happens, can we expect an iPad mini with an edge-to-edge display? The potential of this is exciting for Mini fans.

Will it be iPad Mini Pro or iPad Pro Mini. Will there be additional features like Apple Pencil 2 support, smooth ProMotion refresh rate? The possibilities are endless. If this indeed happens, it will be the best Apple product and also any tablet on the market for digital artists.

According to Kuo, this rumored device won’t be released until the next year. But if Mini comes with these features, it will be worth the wait.


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