Rumors on new Rs 500 and 2000 notes continue to go viral on the Internet. Earlier rumors of GPS chip enabled in the new currency notes went viral and made hulchul on social media.

Now, a new rumor about Rs new 500 and 2000 notes was in circulation.The latest buzz is that a particular radioactive ink is used in the newly printed currency notes.Radioactive Ink theory in the newly introduced 2000 and new Rs 500 note is the latest rumor doing rounds on Whatsapp and other social media sites.

This news has got importance since many new thousand notes were caught during the raids done by Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate. It is said that wherever new notes are stored in massive proportions, the government is getting information.This had strengthened the rumor more and made people think about the news

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As the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have not believed and officially not clarified anything about this and it can safely be assumed that this is just gossip.

Earlier when the Government was introduced notes, there was a gossip about the notes that they were leaking color. Later the Government clarified that just like the old ones, new currency notes would lose color if rubbed with a piece of wet fabric or when dipped in water because of the dye used in the making.

While news like this may well be a hobby for many, but the reality in banks and ATMs around India is that public is still facing troubles to get cash from Banks and ATMs. In many places ATMS had seen with long queues and few ATMs are not working due to lack of money in the machines.

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It will take few more weeks to get the normal situation. Latest reports said that the Government has just released Rs 5 lakh crore of new notes, which is less than the banned numbers. Maybe the shortage of currency will be the result of a cash crunch. An estimate suggests that it may take a minimum of one month to solve existing problems.


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