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Radioactive ink Gossips on new Rs 500 and 2000 notes goes viral on internet

Rumors on new Rs 500 and 2000 notes continue to go viral on the Internet. Earlier rumors of GPS chip enabled in the new currency notes went viral and made hulchul on social media.

Now, a new rumor about Rs new 500 and 2000 notes was in circulation.The latest buzz is that a particular radioactive ink is used in the newly printed currency notes.Radioactive Ink theory in the newly introduced 2000 and new Rs 500 note is the latest rumor doing rounds on Whatsapp and other social media sites.

This news has got importance since many new thousand notes were caught during the raids done by Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate. It is said that wherever new notes are stored in massive proportions, the government is getting information.This had strengthened the rumor more and made people think about the news

New Rs. 20 and Rs. 50 Currency Notes about to issue by RBI: Existing Old notes are valid too

As the Ministry of Finance (MoF) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have not believed and officially not clarified anything about this and it can safely be assumed that this is just gossip.

Earlier when the Government was introduced notes, there was a gossip about the notes that they were leaking color. Later the Government clarified that just like the old ones, new currency notes would lose color if rubbed with a piece of wet fabric or when dipped in water because of the dye used in the making.

While news like this may well be a hobby for many, but the reality in banks and ATMs around India is that public is still facing troubles to get cash from Banks and ATMs. In many places ATMS had seen with long queues and few ATMs are not working due to lack of money in the machines.

Your ATM Machine may be full of Microbes: Read and Be Cautious

It will take few more weeks to get the normal situation. Latest reports said that the Government has just released Rs 5 lakh crore of new notes, which is less than the banned numbers. Maybe the shortage of currency will be the result of a cash crunch. An estimate suggests that it may take a minimum of one month to solve existing problems.

Check out the New Rs 500 and Rs 2000 Notes Issued by RBI: Know More Details About the New Series

The speech less than an hour made the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes worthless pieces of paper. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has made a statement “Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 currency notes are illegal from November 9, 2016”. This is the historic moment in India against the Black Money.

You don’t need to panic about your money, the complete details about the exchange process of your Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes explained here. Government is also releasing the new series of Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes. The design of this new series notes issued by RBI is now circulating over the internet. Make a look over it.

Observance over the New Rs 2000 Note

The Reserve Bank of India will shortly release the ₹ 2000 denomination banknotes. Here are the few things you can observe on this new issued Rs 2000 note. This new series will be out with Mahatma Gandhi portrait in the center with the different way than you usual watch on the note. Governor’s signature with Promise Clause and the emblem towards the right. The rupee symbol of ₹2000 in color changing ink (Green to blue).

For the visually impaired, there will be the Horizontal rectangle with ₹2000 in raised print on the right.  On the left side there are seven angular bleed lines and right side at the raised print.

On the Reverse of the note, you can see the year of printing of the note on the left side. The language panel can be seen on the center of the note. Swachh Bharat logo with slogan. The dimension of the banknote will be 66 mm × 166 mm.

Observance over the New Rs 500 Note

The revised version of Rs 500 Note is going to release soon by RBI. The things you can observe on this new series note given detail here. The dimensions of the new note is 63mm x 150 mm. On the front side of the Rs 500 Note you can notice the Mahatma Gandhi portrait in the middle.

The orientation has charge from the previous note. Governor’s signature with promise clause and the Guarantee clause along with the RBI emblem is tilted towards right. Ashoka pillar emblem on the right of the note. For the Visually impaired people, the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi is raised on the note. There are five bleed lines on left and right in raised print.

On the reverse of the note you can see Swachh Bharat logo with slogan, Language panel towards center. The year of printing mentioned on the left side of the note.

Rumors all the way:  Rs 2000 Notes contains Nano-GPS Chips for tracking?

During this historic moment, there is a rumor flying across the social media. The notes will be embedded with the Nano-GPS Chips (NGC) and Govt. can able to track these notes. Thus the black money transactions can control.

According to these rumors, these NGC chips are actually the ‘signal-reflectors’ and it helps to track the location of these notes, with the help of satellites. It can even track, 120 meters below the ground level and able to track the black money easily. The rumors are spreading across the social media about the NGC enabled notes which increases the curiosity in the people.

These are the new theories and rumors on the New Rs 2000/- series notes. Untill the Government releases the official announcement regarding this information, we consider this as rumors.

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