Valentines week is coming very soon. Many people are busy in planning surprises. This Valentines week 2017 will begin from February 7th with rose day, and then it ends on Feb 14th with Valentine’s Day. Check out the Valentine’s Day schedule.

Valentine’s Day is the very special day for lovers because this is the day to express our love. In this modern day’s people are busy with their work; all are running towards the money and forgetting our loved ones. So on this day express your love to your partner. Promise them that you will stay with your partner. After showing your love, this day will remain as good memory in your partner’s heart.

If you have time try to celebrate this V-day week with your partner. In these 7 days, each day has its own specialty. Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers, and it is the day for all people you love including God. So, on this day show your love to the people and here check out the Valentine’s Day week list. You can check Valentine’s Day week dates and importance of that date.

Valentine’s week 2017

Rose day

On this day people will exchange roses as a symbol of love. People will give roses to their beloveds to express their feelings. Mostly youth will use the day as an opportunity to confess their love

Propose day

This is the second day in the Valentines week, on this day people will propose to their crushes, girl friends, boyfriends and to their partners. Expressing love is one of the beautiful parts, which will be done on this day.

Chocolate day

In my view, chocolates are the cutest gift in the world. Especially girls will fall for these chocolates. We can show our entire love and happiness in the gift pack of the chocolate box. On this day people will exchange chocolates with their partner

Teddy bear day

Teddy bears are the symbol of cuteness. The little cute teddy bear will attract another person’s heart. Some people will express their love by giving teddy bears

Promise day

For every person love is needed, without love in our life, we can’t achieve anything. Love is formed on the basement of trust. We should trust our partners without any flaws. That trust can be formed with this promise. So on this day people will promise their partners that they will love forever.

Kiss day

Kiss is the physical expression of love. If we loved our partners deeply and madly then we really can’t wait to kiss them. So on this kiss day love will be expressed in the form of kiss.

Hug day

Hug is also another physical expression of love. A warm hug will definitely melt your partners heart. Words are not needed to express your love, with a single hug you can show your entire love.

Valentine’s Day

Finally it is Valentine’s Day. So make this day as an opportunity and show your love to your partner. Promise them to love until last breath that is really enough to your partner. He/She will be extremely happy with these words.


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