Idea Movie Club

As you, all know how the Reliance got success with the Jio network in the Indian Telecom Market. On considering this huge market and revenue share with the content. Finally, Idea Cellular come up with a similar thought and is set to launch their video streaming service called Idea Movie Club.

The company starts this new service for their customers which is similar to the Reliance Jio service. The other operators are offering the similar services from some time but this is the latest move by the Idea Cellular indicates that they are not willing to be limited to the being a connectivity provider further.

Reliance Jio Launches JioFi 4G Hotspot with OLED Display

Reliance Jio has built and developed their application ecosystem which is much more mature than the other operators like Bharti Airtel and Vodafone.

Movie Club Idea Cellular

The advantage of the application is another reason why people are getting attracted to the Reliance Jio. Now in this situation, Idea is the third largest operator who is now serious about the offering the content through their application, and now the company is taking another move to leap in building the apps for tap data and the content market.

For offering these content and movies Idea has partnered with the EROS and also tie up with the other content providers soon for adding more content into their database or library. This latest streaming mobile application is named with Idea Movie Club which is currently in the beta version, and the customer of Idea Cellular can get the access the content with the zero of cost. After the launch of the application, they might charge for it.

Reliance Jio Fiber 1 Gbps Plans Starts at Rs. 500

Although the top and famous operators have already moved towards in providing the content data service and now Indian operators are following the similar track for increasing the usage of data. However, Jio is only offering the variety content over its network. But the other operators would improve and develop their applications to match them.

The plan provided by the Reliance Jio is killing the revenue of the other operators, and now strategically Idea Cellular is looking forward to increasing their market which might help in boosting their data revenues as well.


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