According to a very recent survey of 2016 National Mental Health Survey (NMHS) which is commissioned by the Centre and implemented by National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), many of the adult Indians are in need of good care while they are suffering from a number of various mental health problems / tensions.

It is estimated that about 150 million Indians are seriously suffering with their mental health problems. The NIMHANS study says nearly 70% of the population in need of mental health care are not provided with any of it.

This survey on mental health was released on the lieu of World Mental Health Day, under the guidance of the Union Ministry of Family Health and Welfare. The results were proved shocking. Over 70 % of the total populace is in necessity of mental health care are not who are not rendered any help.

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It was found by the National Mental Health Survey that over 13.7 % of Indians are in need of active care of all the mental health issues. The survey had provided with prime data collected from 12 States of the country, where over 34,802 adults and 1,191 adolescents are a part of the survey results.  From January to November 2014, a pilot study was carried out in Kolar in Karnataka.

The survey performed has identified 40,000 adults & 1,200 adolescents in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Manipur and Assam. While on the other hand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Manipur and Assam are the states with highest mental health burdens / problems. The survey conducted at Karnataka proved that around 8% of the population is suffering from mental illnesses and depressions. Around 7.3% of them, who fall under the age group of 13 to 17, are highly in necessity of mental health care.

The recent health studies proved that, “the productive age group of 30s’ to 50s’ or elderly than them who are in 60s’ are the ones’ in greater proportion who are affected by mental disorders. When compared to the low income and education groups, mental health problems are proved high in the urban areas, “said Dr. B N Gangadhar the director of Nimhans.

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The report additionally uncovered that one in 10 had a typical psychological issues like depression, tension / anxiety issues, substance use disorders where the depression is the main condition. Neurosis and stress issues like fears and anxiety influenced twice the same number of women as men. Fewer than 2% had serious dysfunctional behaviour like psychoses or bipolar issue out of which half had direct to extreme incapacity, he included.

The alcohol disorders are rated at 4.6% among men who are above 18 years by NMHS, while other illegal substance use disorders were prevalent among 0.6% of men.

Dr G Gururaj who is the Senior Professor and head of the Epidemiology, said: “Another significant concern is the danger of suicide in India and the survey data shows that 0.9% of the populace has suicidal / self destructive propensities. Only 1/4th of those with mental illnesses looked for treatment from formal Health care service providers. We ought to control the therapeutic and medical cost for mental services and choose psychological health insurance as the report showed that the monthly median expenditure ranged from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,500, which most patients can’t afford.”

In Madhya Pradesh, a number of people are suffering from mental health ailments. When considered with the early estimates, this raise is about three times more. This denotes a comprehensive study of people’s psychological health status in Madhya Pradesh.

The study in MP is conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) in co-ordination with All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). This approximately says that 15% individuals in MP suffer from either major / minor psychological health issues.

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“There is a silent suffering when it comes to mental health. The burden of disease has gone unrecorded and undetected in part due to the stigma associated with it,” said AIIMS Bhopal in charge Dr. Nitin Nagarkar. The study was conducted on 3,000 randomly selected people in Chhindwara, Guna, Khargone and Indore districts. The state lacks basic mental health service with Chhindwara and Guna having only one psychiatrist while Khargone has none, according to the survey.

“There is lagging in most of the aspects of mental health wellness delivery system. Without sufficient staff, there is a hindrance in nature of the provided services. Every seventh child and each fourth adult is in necessity for their psychological healthcare,” said HOD psychiatry of Gandhi Medical College & the State Advisory Committee Chairman. It is estimated that both the minor & mental issues remain at 6% for surmised number of individuals who are suffering from mental disorders or problems throughout India.


  1. Mental Health issues found high in metros and urban regions -

The survey found that greater mental health problems were in urban cities and than compared to rural and urban areas under non-metro regions. The prevalence of the mental disorders was nearly 2 to 3 times more in the urban metros which include schizophrenics & other psychoses (0.64%), mood disorders (5.6%) and neurotic or stress related disorders (6.93%).

“1 individual out of 20 is suffering from mental depression” 

The mental depression in the populace is as high as 1 out of 20. These mental disorders and depression was found out to be higher in the females, belonging to the age group of 40 to 49 years and also among the individuals who mostly reside in the urban cities and metros.


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