On Wednesday, the Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus announced that it is planning to work with Qualcomm which is a popular chipset maker in the industry. It is planning to collaborate with Qualcomm on 5G trials in India starting this year. As per the latest update, the premium device maker OnePlus finally displayed its 5G prototype at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

A spokesperson from OnePlus commented that the device will be “amongst the first OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to launch smartphones powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform in India, and plans to work with Qualcomm on 5G trials”.

But no other details were provided in this regard.
Pete Lau, the current CEO & founder of OnePlus said that their company has been forever loyal to the Qualcomm’s 800 series since the release/ launch of its first device. OnePlus has found a very strong partnership with the Qualcomm to develop the 5G device which will move the world by storm.

The research on developing a 5G device actually started in the year 2016 wherein the experts from OnePlus had teamed up together to find an alternative to a device that could deliver supreme speed and zero lag in terms of mobile efficiency. Qualcomm the tech giant joined their cause in the year 2017 and they worked for hand in hand to develop the 5G device.

Last year, OnePlus announced across the social media about launching a prototype of a mobile device that can easily connect to the 5G network and guarantee superfast net speed. Surprisingly, the mobile-based company was able to win the largest share in the Indian market and beat even the companies like Samsung & Apple in this regard.

In the year 2014, OnePlus launched its smartphone devices in the Indian market and it collaborated with Amazon marketplace in order to distribute the mobile. Prior to the launch, the company planned to sell the smartphones only on the basis of the invitation-based model. However, shortly after it launched its services publicly to cater to more clients across the nation.


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