A new leak suggests that future users of the iPhone 12 may be able to record 4K quality videos at just 120 or 240 fps. Youtuber EverythingApplePro made this claim, based on the leaker Max Weinbach’s findings within recently announced Apple iOS 14’s beta version. 

An insider at Apple confirms that these features are being tested before the awaited release of the iPhone 12, possibly in September of 2020.

The current iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020) series allows the user to record videos in 4K at up to 60 fps and 1080p up to 240 fps. 

However, the basic models of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max may not contain these features. The exciting 4K video features are anticipated to be exclusive to the Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone 12.

There may be significant design changes to the iPhone 12 with rumours of four models with varied display sizes. Three display sizes of up to 5.4, 6.1, and 6.7 inches are expected for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max and iPhone Pro 12, and iPhone 12 Pro Max, respectively. If the numbers are to be trusted, iPhone 12 will be the smallest iPhone ever launched since the iPhone SE and iPhone 12 Pro will become the largest iPhone ever launched. The original design may be equipped with flatter sides like the iPhone 5S released by Apple in 2012.

The LiDAR camera made its first appearance on the iPad Pro (2020) and may now be a part of the iPhone for the first time. A 3D triple-lens camera powered by a laser for calculating the depth of objects in frame will change the game for photography. Leaks about a faster and more power-efficient 5 nm A14 bionic processor manufactured by TSMC suggest that it would help in improving the iPhone’s battery life. 

In addition to these features, there are also rumours of 5G support being introduced in the iPhone 12 series in autumn 2020. This means iPhone 12 users will be able to enjoy faster speeds of download when connected to 5G networks, compared to the widely used 4G LTE networks.

Once the public version for iOS 14 is out, members who had signed up for the beta software programme will be able to experience the operating system with new and improved features and more power to customize than ever before.


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