Nazara Games to Invest $20 Million to Build Indian Esports League

One of the India’s oldest mobile game studios, Nazara Games announced that it is all gearing up to start a new company to get into the e-sports. The company plans to invest $20 Million (Rs. 136 crores) to develop Esports in India for over five years in the league.

Nazara Games is a mobile game publisher which includes the PC-based games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. The company said that it would invest money in the Electronic Sports League which will be the subsidiary of Nazara Technologies.

Unlike Electronic Sports League (ESL), the recently announced Usports is also the e-sports tournament. Nazara Games want to create the entire e-sports ecosystem which is similar to Blizzard’s Overwatch League or Cricket IPLs or the multiple games.

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“We’ve been in mobile. We understand mobile pretty well. One difference of this market, the mass monetisation on mobile is going to take some time. I think that all of us in this space in India have received and accepted and that the IAP (in-app-purchase) habit could take 18 months, could take 36 months, could make more. It’s going to take time” said Manish Agarwal CEO of Nazara Games.

He also added, “The habit takes longer to culminate. We have got a very strong network, but the monetisation from random users from ads is not there.” Nazara also plans to build a platform for the content enabled users to know what their favourite players and teams are up to.

The company also claimed that there would a selection process for teams and coaching, and finally, there will get the decent prize money wins in the league. Nazara Games also ties up with universities outside India to offer courses for players as well.

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“No, it’s not. $20 Million is a commitment from our side. Now when we launch the first two seasons and have confirmed the quality of the level of competition and the level of comfortable and the teams, I believe that by the time there will be more interest from multiple companies to look at India as a serious e-sports opportunity really,” Manish says.

Mumbai-based mobile gaming company announced that the Electronic Sports League would have two seasons. The first season will kick start in the middle of the year and have total six teams which selected through open and free online qualifier tournaments.


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