The current international military situations are revolving around various exercises and calls, which are dealt by the 2 powerful countries, the United States and South Korea. The consequences of the same could be dangerous with levels beyond expectation. The rising fears regarding the results are loud and are affecting both the countries largely. The people of the 2 nations are supposed to now convene the fears, threats, and the outcomes.

In South Korea, the month of August is said to be dedicated to the military world. It is that time span of the year, which is busy with all the military affairs. The military planes along with commercial planes come all the way into the South and remain there as they carry the human resource and personnel belonging to the United States. They would then be sent to the hotels in which they are accommodated.         

The phenomenon is not a one-time one. It repeats every now and then. Since a couple of weeks, all day long right from morning till evening, the military personnel are engaged in doing the same typically. Also, the personnel extend towards including not just soldiers but also sailors, airmen, and more. So, why is this happening? Why are the military bases doing these exercises regularly? Well, the reason is nothing but to prepare themselves and practice in order to win the war with North Korea, which is expected to take place.

Amidst the scenario, the remaining places commonly called barracks would be considered to be empty and the transactions shall be carried out in a routine manner. This is a development after the UFG (Ulchi Freedom Guardian) policies and exercises. It usually brings around 70,000 troops belonging to both the US and South Korea every season of autumn.

North Korea benefits greatly from suspending the exercises because of a significant degradation in U.S. and [South Korean] war-fighting readiness.” said the retired U.S Navy admiral, James Stavridis.   


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