Finally, there is the end of rumors that have been from a long time: the Mercedes-Benz truck. Technically this is called as the Mercedes-Benz Concept X-Class. This truck was revealed in the press release today. This new concept from Mercedes-Benz is showcased with two examples: the stylish explorer and powerful adventurer.

Daimler is now planning to set this truck under the Mercedes-Benz Vans product range and further expanding their options. They were making investments in high towards this new model by the time it gets released.

Volker Mornhinweg, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans at today’s press release says “We will open up and change the segment of mid-size pickups – with the world’s first real premium pickup for the modern urban lifestyle.”

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“Our future Mercedes X-Class will be a truck that knows no compromise. Ladder-type frame, permanent all-wheel drive and high-torque six-cylinder engine are now compulsory for us. As an added value we bring safety, agility, comfort, and expressive design. In other words, everything that distinguishes vehicles bearing the Mercedes star. We will thus appeal to new customers who have not considered owning a pickup before.” He added

The new Concept X-Class features with the powerful engine, high ride comfort, and top-notch safety.

The powerful adventurer is the example for the X-Class is Mercedes-Benz’s take on the rugged or rough off-road truck. The truck comes in the height of 1.9 meters and 35×11.50 inch tires, and it has plenty of presence. This vehicle is with the rugged appearance, and this is with the electric pulley in the front and rear at the underride guards. It has carbon wheel arches and much more.

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Another variant the stylish explorer is the version much more streamlined and elegant than the off-road-ish truck. This truck on the outside is almost similar to the powerful adventure when compared. But you can find the difference with its sleek edges and a futuristic rear light. Including the rugged tires and wheels, this version has large wheels with lower-profile tires.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class will be launching in 2017 in Europe, and it will be produced at the Nissan plant in Barcelona, Spain


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