Generation EQ with Electric Vehicle concept

Mercedes-Benz had unveiled its Electric Vehicle concept on the Paris Auto Show with its new ‘Generation EQ’ on Thursday. This SUV has a Sporty look which showcases Dual Electric motor drive system having an efficient storage capacity of 300kW output. Generation EQ holds up 500km (310 miles) drive range.

All of you know EQ’s acronym for Emotional Quotient, for the Mercedes its stands for ‘Electric Intelligence.’ At the press release, Mercedes explain about Generation EQ is the combination of its four-pillar mobility plan in future to come, focusing on connected, independent, shared electric transportation methods.

‘Generation EQ’

Mercedes-Benz ‘Generation EQ’ showcases all the expected upcoming future EV’s with this model. The company says that the platforms will launch all of its EV’s from SUV’s and Coupes. This is because of its modular building box system which allows to variable components especially the battery.

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Generation EQ has a Sci-Fi features as it is equipped with Cameras instead of Mirrors, concealed wipers and no door handles. It has also got a huge display for the driver’s visibility not supported with any buttons. Its adaptive ambiance and lights are real heaven inside it.

electric vehicle

On a charge, the Generation EQ goes up to 320miles and also supports wireless (induction) or Cable charging ensuring faster charging. At a maximum setting to a 100km drive needs 5mins charging. Censor Fusion Technology is used for autonomous driving for a smooth drive.

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The navigation is displayed in a 3D view of the city or place to find destinations and charging Stations easily. Tips are given to the driver to save energy if the battery is getting low and many others features.

EV concept

The Mercedes Generation EQ surely will have an incredible demand when it drives on the road.


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