Low humidity is one of the main reasons behind Flu. During winters, there is a drop in the humidity, which indeed lowers down your immunity. When your body stops fighting against the diseases, you are open to welcome all the viruses that are transmitting in the air medium.  Decreased humidity lowers immune system’s defences against flu infection, says a study published in the journal proceedings of National Academy of Sciences.    

They started experimenting things on mice. Researchers used a mice genetically modified to resist viral infections as humans do. The mice were locked in a chamber and were exposed to low or normal humidity. After that they were exposed to influenza A virus.  The results showed that it, the infections developed at the respiratory tract. They have come to a conclusion that low humidity hindered the immune response of animals in three ways.

“It’s notable that when humidity drops, a spike in influenza rate and mortality happens. In the event that our discoveries in mice hold up in people, our investigation give a conceivable system fundamental this regular nature of influenza malady,” said Akiko Iwasaki, Professor at Yale University in the US.

While moistness isn’t the main reason in influenza flare-ups, it’s a significant factor that ought to be considered amid the winter season.

Expanding water vapor noticeable all around with humidifiers at home, school, work and even medical clinic conditions is a potential system to lessen influenza side effects and accelerate recuperation, scientists said.    

Considering all these conditions, you have to ensure that you must increase your immunity levels by doing exercise or yoga. Yoga can help boost your immune system as it has been proving since ages. Ensure you eat right food and avoid junk.


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