Well Paddy upton was mental conditioning coach during Anil Kumble’s reign. Anil Kumble was the head coach of the team and he had made some rules and regulations which players had to follow. He wanted all the players to come on time and practice at the nets. The team was totally dedicated and they maintained at most discipline at the dressing room. Kumble always used to say dressing room atmosphere matters a lot on and off the field. But things dint go his way. Captain Virat Kohli had made some allegations over the former Indian wrist spinner, Anil Kumble.  Anil put down his papers to the BCCI ahead of the Australia series.

Paddy Upton shared his views over Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his calmness on and off the field, and how he used to deal with players when he was a Captain. “In the Test team, Anil Kumble said that the consequence would be a ten thousand rupees fine which the person who was late would have to pay. And then we had the same conversation with the one day team and there also MS (Dhoni) said that ‘yes there should be a consequence. So if somebody is late, everybody will pay 10,000 rupees fine!’ Nobody was ever late from the one day team again,” Upton said.

Now that the Mega Event World Cup 2019 is heading, Kohli’s men are preparing well and I think this going to be MS Dhoni’s last world cup. This statement might hurt MSD’s fans. To the fact that this guy has immensely worked hard with the bat and his captaincy for so long, that he should have his time at least now. 37-year old has won all the titles. You name it and he has earned it! Upton wishes Kohli’s men all the best for their upcoming matches.


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