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Krishna Pushkaralu 2016: Scientific Facts & History behind Pushkaralu

To worship the rivers in India we celebrate the festival known as Pushkaram, also known as Pushkar, Puskaralu in Telugu. On around in India, we consider 12 major rivers as a sacred, and this is being celebrated at the shrine along the banks of these rivers, once in every twelve years.

History behind:

As per Hindu mythology once upon a time, there was a Brahmin named Pushkara, who performed penance for Lord Shiva. The Lord then granted him a boon by which he would enter each of the twelve rivers in a 12-year cycle and purify the water of that river.

Later on, Brihaspathi (Jupiter) requested him to get into each river when he (Brihaspathi) travelled from one zodiac sign to other. Hence, pushkarams are celebrated every year for 12 days when Brihaspathi enters the zodiac sign of the river.

Science behind:

 But scientifically the enhanced electromagnetic field of the earth due to sunspot cycle or solar magnetic activity cycle at the time Pushkar magnetises the water in the river and enhances healing properties in it.

 It is observed that entire body system lifted to a condition where it is equal to the effect of meditation because water will acquire magnetic power from the earth and stored until early hours of sunshine. Whenever a person performs the bathing ritual at the time will be relieved from the several health disorders.

Krishna Pushkaralu 2016: All You Want to Know about

Krishna Pushkaralu is the festival of the Krishna River, which is also known as krishnaveni. It is the fourth biggest river regarding water inflows and the river basin area in India, after Ganga, Godavari and Brahmaputra. Krishna river originates near Mahabaleswaram at an elevation of about 1,300 meters, in the state of Maharashtra (Central India).

When Jupiter enters into the Virgo (Kanya) zodiac sign, this festival is being celebrated. And now in this year from August 12-23, 2016 we are going to celebrate this in Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Telangana. The festival is being celebrated at the Sangu Theertham at Vedagiriswara temple.

Andhra Pradesh government has arranged the facilities to all the pilgrims who come to this auspicious festival in a grand Manner. They have taken all the care to avoid the pathetic situations which have occurred during this year’s Godavari pushkaralu, they have arranged Ghats at Krishna, Guntur, Nalgonda Districts.

AP’s temporary capital Vijayawada is fully packed with Police forces.Thousands of police officials and other troops from various states are being placed in the city for security issues

The AP government under Shri.N Chandrababu Naidu had declared holidays for all educational institutions, public and private offices on account of Krishna Pushkaralu. Prakasam barrage which is on Krishna river has been decorated with scintillating lights which are a visual treat for pilgrims coming from all over India.

Free Transportation, food, water and public toilets had been provided for the people coming for Krishna Pushkaralu.

Another Main attraction for pilgrims to visit in Vijayawada is the replica of Lord Venkateswara Swamy which is arranged at PWD Grounds by TTD. The set constructed at the grounds resembles the Tirumala temple, and devotees would feel like they are in Tirupathi.

All arrangements are being made with utmost care by the Government and officers, but some arrangements are being criticised by the ordinary citizens of Vijayawada.

Some decisions like Prevention of private transport like Autos and closing of all the grocery, meat stores are receiving negative comments from various sections of people. But still for achieving some great things some should be sacrificed right. So for these 12 days, people of Vijayawada should adjust to these situations.

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