Jio Phone delivery

Jio Phone delivery delay: Millions of feature phone users and Jio enthusiasts have already booked Jio Phones. The company has confirmed that the bookings are huge in number but haven’t unveiled the exact figure. On the other hand, media reports suggest that the Jio Phone bookings are about 3 to 4 millions approx. Buyers have pre-booking the phone for Rs.500 and now are waiting for the Jio Phone delivery.

As of now, there is no official confirmation about the Jio Phone delivery date but the earlier reports states that jio phones deliveries will be out from September 1. But in real terms, Jio phone delivery might get delayed as the Jio phone offline retailers haven’t received any info on Jio phone availability. A buzz is that Jio Phone delivery may get delayed for a week, this means users can only get Jio phone after September 10.

Despite the facts that JioPhones will be delivered on the first come-first serve basis, the first phase buyers will get the devices first. The Jio-phone bookings started on August 24, but Jio paused the pre-booking process as the bookings flooded.

The youngest telecom operator has confirmed that the bookings will resume soon but haven’t mentioned the date of it. Few sources state that reliance Jio will announce the next phase bookings in the coming 3-4 days. Also, the delay in the Jio Phone deliveries is due to heavy demand among the retailers as well.

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“Earlier JioPhone was supposed to reach our store around the first week of September. But now there will be some delay and JioPhone will arrive a little late,” says a Reliance Digital store retailer.

Jio Phone Tracking Status

These retailers further noted that JioPhone delivery can be expected any time between September 10 and 15. People who already booked the phone can track Jio phone order status by sending a message to 18008908900 via the mobile number used to book the device.

However, even Jio offline retailers cannot confirm about the Jio Phone delivery as it is subjected to availability. Yet, the company has to confirm about the roll out of Jio phone deliveries and the next phase Jio phone pre-bookings.


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