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Jio Phone delivery delayed: Flooding bookings affects Jio Phone deliveries

Jio Phone delivery

Jio Phone delivery delay: Millions of feature phone users and Jio enthusiasts have already booked Jio Phones. The company has confirmed that the bookings are huge in number but haven’t unveiled the exact figure. On the other hand, media reports suggest that the Jio Phone bookings are about 3 to 4 millions approx. Buyers have pre-booking the phone for Rs.500 and now are waiting for the Jio Phone delivery.

As of now, there is no official confirmation about the Jio Phone delivery date but the earlier reports states that jio phones deliveries will be out from September 1. But in real terms, Jio phone delivery might get delayed as the Jio phone offline retailers haven’t received any info on Jio phone availability. A buzz is that Jio Phone delivery may get delayed for a week, this means users can only get Jio phone after September 10.

Despite the facts that JioPhones will be delivered on the first come-first serve basis, the first phase buyers will get the devices first. The Jio-phone bookings started on August 24, but Jio paused the pre-booking process as the bookings flooded.

The youngest telecom operator has confirmed that the bookings will resume soon but haven’t mentioned the date of it. Few sources state that reliance Jio will announce the next phase bookings in the coming 3-4 days. Also, the delay in the Jio Phone deliveries is due to heavy demand among the retailers as well.

How to Book Jio Phone for Free: 4G VoLTE Feature Phone Plans

“Earlier JioPhone was supposed to reach our store around the first week of September. But now there will be some delay and JioPhone will arrive a little late,” says a Reliance Digital store retailer.

Jio Phone Tracking Status

These retailers further noted that JioPhone delivery can be expected any time between September 10 and 15. People who already booked the phone can track Jio phone order status by sending a message to 18008908900 via the mobile number used to book the device.

However, even Jio offline retailers cannot confirm about the Jio Phone delivery as it is subjected to availability. Yet, the company has to confirm about the roll out of Jio phone deliveries and the next phase Jio phone pre-bookings.

How to Book Jio Phone for Free: Know Rs 1500 4G VoLTE Feature Phone Plans, Pre-booking details

Jio 4G VoLTE phone

Reliance Jio Phone pre-booking process: Mukesh Ambani announced the launch of new Jio phone in the Reliance AGM at Mumbai. The much anticipated Jio 4G VoLTE phone is all set for roll out in the market starting this September. Mukesh Ambani claims this Jio low-cost phone as ‘India ka smartphone’ and declared ‘Digital Freedom’ for Indian featured phone users with new Jio phone plans. Check the Jio Phone pre-registration process here

Jio Phone pre-bookings starts from August 24 in India and will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. Essentially, Jio 4G VoLTE phone will the 50 crore featured phone users in India with upgraded options. Moreover, this low-cost phone from Jio offers the best of the basic phone with new features. Also, this fills the vacuum between the high-cost 4G smartphones and feature phone with its unique specs.

Jio Phone features:

The Jio 4G VoLTE feature phone comes with a traditional 2.4-inch display and an alphanumeric keypad. There are some functions like voice command and browser stands up above regular phones. Also, it offers NFC support which allows the user to make UPI payments. There are Jio offerings like JioTV and Jio cinema besides regular apps like Facebook. Directors Akash and Isha Ambani revealed that JioTV app in Jio phone allows connecting with a TV set with cable.

Jio Phone (Free): All you need to know about Jio 4G Volte Feature Phone 

Jio Phone cost:

Effectively, Jio Phone price is Rs 0. But, the company demands a security deposit of Rs.1500 which will be refunded after a period of 3 years. Mukesh Ambani claims the security deposit is only to “avoid any potential misuse of data”. Summing all, users need to pay Rs.1500 for Jio Phone initially, and the amounts will be paid back in 36 months.

How to Pre-book Jio Phone:

Many of the Reliance Jio Phone Fans are searching about how to get Jio Free Phone and where to get Jio Phone for Free. We are giving you detailed info about the Jio Phone Pre-Booking Process

Jio 4G VoLTE phone will be released on August 15 for beta testing first. Then, Jio Phones pre-bookings can be made from August 24 through the MyJio app and Jio offline stores. Users who had pre-booked Jio Phone can buy from September on a first come first serve basis.

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Jio Phone Plans:

Reliance Jio provides a couple of interesting Jio phone plans for its users. Rs.153 plan for Jio Phone users provides free voice calls, SMS and unlimited high-speed data with 500MB FUP per day. Besides this, it also provides access for all Jio apps.

Another Rs.309 plan comes with all the benefits under Rs.153 plan. Besides that, it comes bundled with TV screen mirroring support through a cable.

On the other hand, there are also two sachet packs which provide service for less duration. Rs. 24 pack is valid two days and Rs. 54 per week offers free voice calls, SMS, and unlimited data.

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Jio Phone (Free): All you need to know about Jio 4G Volte Feature Phone Specs, Features

Jio Phone delivery

Jio Phone: The much anticipated Jio Phone is officially launched by Mukesh Ambani in the Reliance AGM today . To recall the well know fact, Reliance Jio 4G network has changes the game rules in the industry. Now, the company is all set to make its mark in the feature phone segment with the latest Jio-4G VoLTE phone.

Earlier rumors suggested that the phone would price around Rs.500 and comes with features above regular feature phone. Slashing all the rumors, Jio phone comes free of cost which means at Rs.0/-for the users with interesting features.

Jio Phone features a 2.4-inch display with QVGA display and comes with an alphanumeric keypad. There are lot many impressive features in the phone which provides a lot more over a regular feature phone. Jio phone comes with all regular options like SD card slot, Torchlight and FM radio found in a basic phone. Also, there are features like emergency alert and voice command on Jio phone.

Reliance JioFiber Preview Plans Leaked: JioFiber preview to offer 100Mbps speed

Reliance Jio Phone Availability:

On Speaking about the Jio Phone Availability, Ambani said that The 4G Jio Phones Free of cost will be available for pre-booking from August 24 2017

Jio basic phone has been rolled out with 4GB of internal storage, and 512MB of RAM. The basic phone from Jio comes with the ability to install apps like JioTV, JioCinema, and others. Users can view TV on Jio phone and can also connect to any TV using a simple cable developed by the company.

Jio phone plans:

Above all Mukesh-Ambani led Jio followed its tradition to offer free voice calls on Jio phone. Users can avail unlimited free data for Rs. 153 per month on Jio feature phones. Users who are planning to buy the plan bundled with cable can avail both for Rs. 309. However, there are user convenience plans to choose as per their requirement.

Jio phone recharge sachets

Rs. 24 Jio sachet comes with 2-day validity and Rs. 54 Jio recharge comes with 7-day validity.

jio phone rechare sachets

We will be updating about How to get Jio Phone,Jio Pre-Booking,  Jio Phone Availability, Jio Phone Deposit and all other details of Jio Phone, Reliance  Phone in coming articles.

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Jio phone Beta testing started: Jio Phone Delivery to customers begins in September

Jio phone beta testing

Reliance Jio phone Beta testing: Mukesh Ambani has announced the release of Jio Phone on August 15. But at present, the 4G mobile has gone for Beta testing and will be available to the customers in the month of September. The very first batch of phones manufactured has been given to the team of Reliance Jio to use and let them know the ability of features. If there are any difficulties in using the apps or software and hardware issues they will be modified before the phone reaches the customer’s hand.

The Jio Phone beta testing would be completed by the end of August and will be available to the customers in September. Customers can register for the Jio phone from 24th of August. Registration can be done both online and offline. Once done with the registration the mobile will be available to the customer from September 1st to 4th. While receiving the mobile customer need to pay Rs.1500 as security deposit while is refundable after three years.

Certain Jio Phone features that are employed are not commonly seen in other mobiles have to be tested. Features like the Internet, compatibility with multimedia apps, and choice to mirror content to television sets via a proprietary cable. Jio has released a new feature that the mobile can be connected to any TV set using a cable and watch Videos or movies directly on TV. All the flaws in the phone will be eradicated after the testing will be done by employees.

Jio Phone booking started: How to book free Jio feature Phone through SMS

Gadget 360 has noticed that offline retailers in Delhi-NCR area have already started taking Jio Phone bookings. For that purpose, it is important to copy the Aadhaar card number to make a booking. Only one piece will be offered for one Aadhaar number. In the case of booking for multiple numbers, customer needs to register in the name of their organization along with PAN and Aadhaar, only then the availability will be possible in bulk.

While speaking about the features of latest Jio phone features, the gadget comes with an alphanumeric keypad, 2.4-inch display with QVGA display, Micro SD card slot, torch light, FM radio. It will be a single SIM handset that performs only on 4G VoLTE networks. The phone supports voice commands and 22 Indian languages and has a panic button as well which can be accessible by long pressing the five button.

The present generation of Ambani’s gave a brief demo of the voice command feature of Jio Phone during the AGM keynote presentation. Another attractive feature was to play music from Jio music option. At present, the mobile is not able to support Whatsapp, but the other social media websites like Facebook were doing good which was displayed in the meet.

The JioPhone is going to come with unlimited voice, data (high-speed data capped at 500MB per day), and texts. For which the customers have to recharge with a Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan monthly pack of Rs. 153 which will also provide free access to Jio apps for 28 days. As discussed earlier for the connection of mobile to TV customer need to recharge with the Rs.309 per month pack.

Idea-Vodafone to build the cheapest Smartphone to take on Jio Phone

Idea voda cheapest smartphone

In a move to curb Jio Phone effect, Idea cellular-Vodafone duo has announced its plan to produce the cheapest smartphone ever. The Idea and Vodafone merge on cards and will be done soon, and now the duo is targeting its major rival jio phone with the cheapest smartphone in India.

The Aditya Birla Group led Idea confirmed that it has no plans to provide subsidy on handsets. The tradition of telecom operators working with handset makers started with Reliance Infocomm back in 2003. Post jio phone announcement, the feature phone segment is been eyed by the telecom operators. Also, they found the bundled handset plans are the best possible way to attract users.

Reliance Jio Phone Beta Testing Begins from August 15: Interested Users Can Register at Jio.com

“The practical solution that we are working on is to work with the handset industry and work with them to be able to bring down cost of handsets by bringing down the bill of material, so that the gap of the announced price of Jio feature phone versus a smart-phone can be brought down to reasonable levels,” says, Himanshu Kapania, Managing Director, Idea cellular.

Kapania claimed that the handset would be the cheapest smartphone in India under Rs.3000. It is believed that this Jio phones can disturb the segment larger volumes. Also, Kapania unveils that the affordable phone will allow the customers to choose between 2G and 4G networks. The company is working up on the features, OS, and display that can be bought down in the smartphone.

This new era of 4G feature phones will bring threat to both 2G phones users and handset makers. This brings the need for telecom operators to exercise on the needs of customers and distribution channels.

Recently announced Jio 4G feature phone is listed for Rs 1,500 which is a refundable deposit after a time span of 3 years. Also, Airtel has announced its move to launch 4G feature phone last week. Now, this Idea-Vodafone cheapest smartphone will add more value to the segment buyers.

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