JDI announced that it is developing FULL ACTIVE FLEX 5.5-inch Full-HD LCD display for smartphones. Recently, the company also announced the mass production of 5-inch class Quad HD In-cell touch LTPS display. JDI, the company behind apple’s display, said that it makes use of plastic substrate on both sides of the liquid crystal layer.

We’ve been hearing about flexible displays smartphones for a long time now. Samsung held a project valley program to create a foldable screen phone. LG has also unveiled a rollable 18-inch display and Chinese Apple, Xiaomi also came up with a bendy concept screen. Samsung devices like Galaxy Edge are the closest device we’ve come so far with the flexible OLED screens.

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Now, Japan Display Inc which supplies part for Apple unveiled the Full Active Flex LCD screens. These Flex LCD screens use a plastic substrate instead of glass which allows it to be bent easily.

“The FULL ACTIVE FLEX it is easily possible to form curved shapes by utilizing its flexibility, and thus it will greatly help to expand the degrees of freedom in smartphone design. Also, by using plastic substrates instead of glass, it is possible to prevent cracking from occurring when the display is dropped,” says, the company.

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The 5.5-inch Full-HD display offers a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The Flex LCD display resolution density is about 401ppi, and the LCD driving frequency is at 60Hz/30Hz/15Hz. JDI also said that it would consider not just limiting the latest Flex display to smartphones alone. It may also get the new screen to notebook PCs, automotive applications, and other various products as well. The JDI FULL ACTIVE FLEX-display will hit mass production sometime in 2018.


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