Smart Foldable Electric Bike: QiCycle

China’s Largest Consumer Electronics Manufacturer, Xiaomi has launched a smart foldable electric Bicycle in China. The smart cycle which is dubbed QiCycle makes driving easy with the latest technology used by the Chinese smartphone company. This electric-powered affordable smart bicycle is a part of the company’s Mi Ecosystem and the expected “Mi Smart Bike” is prized at $460 (approx. 2,999 Yaun/ Rs. 30,000). Launch of QiCycle in other countries is still unclear, as no word was mentioned in the event regarding this.

The QiCycle packs an integrated electric motor with a longitudinal folding design which means the main beam is not folded. But this design ensures an easy storage after folding. Electric motor can be used for propulsion. A TMM torque sensing technology is used in this smart bicycle which senses the amount of energy put in by the rider on the pedal. Thus provides a sufficient power for a comfy ride. The bike actually weighs a total of 14.5 kg

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Xiaomi at the launch event in China noted that it was not just a “smartphone company” but a “technology company.” The China-based electronics company already has a variety of products which include smartphones, tablets, wearables, Internet-connected air and water purifiers, television models under the Mi TV series, Yeelight bedside lamps, Mi Power Banks, Mi Wi-Fi nano wireless routers, Yi Action Camera, Mi Rainbow 5 AA batteries. And under the other product line, the companies currently also have two-wheeled self-balancing scooters.


QiCycle comes with a 3 speed hub plus a 250W-36V high-speed motor which enables smooth rides even on steep slopes. The smart bike has a meter which allows you to fix different speeds. While the bikes maximum speed is 20km per hour. A Shimano gear shift tech with three modes is utilized in this foldable smart bicycle, which include easy, standard and fast modes.

This electric bicycle monitors and keeps the track of speed, mileage, dynamic power while riding the cycle. And very interestingly keeps the track of calories burnt by the rider. The entire data of the ride appears on a 1.8-inch display on the QiCycle and it can also be easily synced to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

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Xiaomi’s Eco friendly QiCycle is backed by a Panasonic 18,650mAh battery with BMS battery management technology. Xiaomi claims that the battery takes three complete hours to get charged and on an average speed bike can go up to 45 kilometers/ 28 miles with a single charge.


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