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Indian Railways, which is one the India’s biggest Government organizations to earn huge amount of revenue. However, the interesting thing is that Indian Railways make less than 5% of income through non-fare sources. So, to increase their profits, IRCTC has planned few new schemes, and it will be executed in the coming days.

Railways Minister earlier asked the officials of all the main railway zones to come up with new ideas to increase their share to Rs 2000 crore within a year and finally the Indian Railways has come up with few better ideas and new schemes to generate revenue through non-fare sources.

Establishing 2000 ATMs at Railway Platforms

Indian Railways had come up with innovative ideas for generating revenues, and as a part of that, the organization is giving offers to big banks for installing their ATMs. According to the latest reports, Indian Railways team has already allocated space for establishing 2000 ATMS and the details have been shared with the concerned bank officials.

IRCTC New App for Faster Rail Tickets Booking to be Launched Soon

There will be a contract period of 10 years via e-auction process. As per latest reports from closed sources, IRTCT will soon establish on-demand entertainment services on the running trains to generate more non-fare revenues. Advertisements will showcase through vinyl paintings on train exterior and interior of coaches including AC coaches also, moreover installation of the major electronic billboards on platforms and use the foot-over-bridges for advertisements by major brands.

For Ad revenues, Branded Trains and Platforms will be used

IRCTC will soon start advertisement contracts for the branded trains and platforms rather than partial contracts for food, outdoor posters, etc. Soon you can see ads like Patanjali Station, Sprite Rajadhani, and Mirindaa Shatabdi, etc.

Rail Platforms will be now Venue for Destination Weddings

Indian Railways has decided to change their platforms into wedding venues and locations where parties can be held. Soon, we can announce destination weddings at railway platforms.

IRCTC to provide Online Ticket Booking Facility to Feature Phone Users

As per latest update, Surat Station Platform Number 4 would be soon changed into wedding destination as a trail project, if it gets success, and then the same strategy could be extended to other platforms as well.