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Good news for people those who are using featured phones and facing issues for IRCTC Online Ticket booking. Union Railway Minister today announced that IRCTC would soon release a product which is handy for feature phone users to book online tickets through IRCTC.

Currently, the online ticket booking of IRCTC is available for those who can access the Internet via Smartphones, desktop/laptop users. However, feature phone users have no option to book a railway ticket in online through their mobile. So, for those people, IRCTC has taken this decision.

IRCTC said No need to pay Online Ticket Booking fees Till 31st December

Non-Smartphone Users visit a railway counter to book tickets, and they are facing many troubles for reserving tickets. You know, still, 90% of the railway ticket booking counters didn’t accept credit/debit cards, and the liquid cash is the only option for the featured phone using people to book tickets..

The government of India is looking to make India as the cashless nation and to boost this move; Central Government has taken the decision to change important functionaries such as Indian Railways and India Post into fully digital mode.

Minister says, the scheme will be increased slowly and later more, and more counters would be enabled with PoS terminals for continuous cashless transactions.

IRCTC Announces Major Upgrades to all AC-III Tier Coaches

Suresh Prabhu, Railway Minister, said, “Railway department already set up many Point of scale machines at many suburban stations for smooth operations for travelers in the city. We are also in the process of introducing e-wallets and promising payments through mobile applications. We will work hard to provide better ways to book online tickets for those who are not using smartphones.”

Railway Ticket Rates Would be personalized

For suppose, you have booked a corporal railway ticket lately; then you can have seen this message on the cards: “Indian Railways recovers only 57% of the cost of travel on an average”. A few weeks ago, the same message appeared on online tickets.

This is a distressed attempt by Indian Railways to create consciousness about their losses, which are mainly occurring due to the lobbying of railway rates. Even political observers will notice that the easiest way to reap more votes in rural surroundings is to declare decrease in rail ticket costs.

As per estimations, Indian Railways captivates Rs 30000 crore plus of losses every year and the strong reason for this is rail fares only. But finally, such politicization of railway ticket rates would end.

According to the latest reports, Indian Railways has put a tender before the cabinet, to set up Independent agency for observing rail fares. If the agency is approved, then the rail ticket fares can be taken care of professionally without any political influence.

The independent Agency to be named as ‘Railway Development Authority of India,’ the organization will have a chairman and four members who will standardize the rates based on the current market rates.