Indian Railways uniforms

Indian railways Employees will be soon seen wearing new uniforms which are designed by designer Ritu Beri . This Transformation of Indian Railways reflects the renowned spirit of the organisation. This change is to enhance the experience of the passengers traveling by these trains. Indian

Railways has undertaken complete makeover in 15 Rajdhani and 15 Shatabdi trains. Indian Railways has launched a three-month long project ‘Swarn’ which will renovate premium trains including Rajdhani and Shatabdi.

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There will be different set of uniforms for comprising on-board staff , TTE’s , station masters, guards, drivers and catering personnel. Half and full sleeve T-shirts in black and yellow combinations have been designed for the office staff and T-shirts in white and black border for catering staff.

While Fluorescent jackets are designed for TTE’s , guards and drivers. These new uniforms will be also given to the technical staff in workshops and production units .These uniforms are designed with comfort being most important feature added Beri.

Initially, designer Ritu Beri presented four themes for INDIAN RAILWAY UNIFORMS

THEME 1: Ethos Of India
This theme has kalamkari form Andhra Pradesh , Madhubani from bihar , Mehendi from Rajasthan and Warli from Madhya Pradesh.
Colour Option 1: Black , Ivory , Maroon and Midnight blue

THEME 2: The Golden Period
This theme is featuring Harappa Age stupa and the Konark Temple
Colour Option 2: Olive Green , Cream, Khaki, Rust , Navy Blue.

THEME 3: The Legacy Of the Nawabs
This theme is about the epitome of royal and grandeour lifestyle of the nawabs including intricate inlay work.
Color Option 3: Deep Navy Blue ,Ash White, Cobalt Blue ,Maroon.

THEME 4: The Vibrant soul Of India
This theme is all about colourful and vibrant soul of India with more of Kitsch appeal.
Color Option 4: TaNgerine , Turquoise , Emrald , White and Navy Blue.

This new designs will be first tried by few Rajdhani and Shatabdi and later extended to other services in name of project Swarn. Railway Ministry will soon examine the designs submitted by Ritu Beri and decide the final one shortly. The Railway Ministry is planning to unveil the new look in Rajdhani and Shatabi trains on board staff on 2nd October.


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