300 Apps on Google Play Store Infected by Adware

Google Play Store has reported over 300 Android apps facilitates fraudulent ad clicks last week. Also, more than 800 apps on the Play store have been affected by a malware named Xavier. This is for the third consecutive time in a month when Google apps have been infected and act maliciously.

The adware affected Android apps constantly request ads from third party agencies. This claims that users clicked on ads and generate ad impressions and fraudster collects the ad revenue.

With its move, the user doesn’t have a financial vulnerability and also adware affected apps drastically drain both battery and cellular data. This also makes a way to slow performance and serious lag issues on low-end devices. According to reports, a certain app affected by adware requested more than 3,000 ads overnight and fraudulently “clicked” on 169 of them.

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It is believed that over 300 apps on Google Play with 4 million to 14 million user base are affected by adware. Some of the classic examples of these apps are live wallpapers, icon packs, custom fonts, or simple utilities. Some specific app developers outlined are Firamo, FlameryHot, NeonApp, Goopolo, Attunable, Classywall, Litvinka Co, Livelypapir, Waterflo, X Soft, Tuneatpa Personalization and Zheka.

eZanga, an Ad fraud detection agency has researched on these apps and notified Google about these malicious apps and activities.

At annual developer conference this year, Google has addressed the problem of infected apps.  Also it revealed its plans to make Google Play store more secure with a refined moderation process and strict elimination of fraudulent apps. However, at present, there is no hint about the fix for these adware and malware affected apps.

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