Hydrogen One

The high-end pro camera maker Red has finally made its debut into smartphone manufacture. The Hydrogen one comes with a holographic display which shows you 3D images for real. The company claims that Hydrogen one will be “the world’s first holographic media machine.”

The company detailed about the smartphone in a blog post and reveals that Hydrogen one boasts of the Red Hydrogen’s display, camera capabilities, and sound system. Also it comes with support for modularity which is a familiar feature and several companies like Motorola and LG have explored in recent years.

The Red Hydrogen One features a “retina-riveting” display which switches between “3D” and 2D modes depending on the content. Users can enjoy the most of such content with wearing glasses. Besides that, Red has also released a channel where “4-view holographic” content is available.

Hydrogen One features a 5.7-inch specially crafted holographic display which can show normal 2D media with the 3D optimization. RED details it was nanotechnology which will fully support the augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). Above all, the best part is you actually don’t any special glasses or any such things to see the content.

The Red Hydrogen runs Android with features like “H3O algorithm that converts stereo sound into multi-dimensional audio.” We have to wait to know what exactly that means. Also, the company claims the sound experience would be as good as plugging 5.1 audio out headphones.

Hydrogen One price would be least interesting element of the phone. The phone will be rolled out in two variants: Aluminium, which costs $1,195 (roughly Rs. 77,350); and Titanium, which costs $1,595 (roughly Rs. 103,250). As of now, there is no info about Hydrogen One availability in India. However, US launch may fall somewhere in early 2018.


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