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Hindi Diwas: Celebrations, Wishes, Importance

Hindi Diwas is being celebrated across the country every year on 14th September to remember the historic occasion. This year, Delhi will witness the event that will celebrate on this day. It was started celebrating as Hindi Divas as Hindi is written in the Devanagari script was approved by the Constituent Assembly as an official language in the year 1940.

It was celebrated throughout the India to show the importance of Hindi language in the country. It serves to promote and to propagate the Hindi Language. This day is widely celebrated in schools, colleges, offices and organisations.

There will be unique programs and competitions organised related to Hindi poems, vocabulary quizzes and story recitations. As a part of Hindi Diwas Samaroh, a special event named as “Hindi Hain Hum” is going to be organising by Madhuban Educational Books, at PHD Chamber of Commerce in Delhi on Wednesday.

This occasion includes an award ceremony for Hindi teachers and a special ‘Hasya Kavi Samellan’ where well-known poets Surendra Sharma, Mahendra Anjaani and Arun Jamaani will take part. There will see discussion on the present and future vision of the Teaching Hindi. This event will be chaired by the noted poet Dr Ashok Bajpayee, who is also the Chief Guest.

Along with Dr Ashok, the Prof. Krishan Kumar, Prof. Sandhya Singh, Prof. Ramjanam Sharma, Dr Pradip Kumar Jain and Prof. Dilip Singh will also be taking part in the Hindi Diwas event. After the discussion of teachers and their contribution to the field of education, the award ceremony will be held. Here we are presenting the Hindi Diwas quotes which are as follows.

  • Hum Sabka Abhiman Hai Hindi,                                                                                         Bharat Desh Ki Shan Hai Hindi                                                                                           Hindi Apnao, Desh Ka Maan  Badhao!                                                                               Wishes on Hindi Diwas!!
  • Syaahi Se Likh Do, Aaj Tum Apna Vartmaan,                                                                      Hindi Ho Tum, Hindi Se Seekho Karna Pyar,                                                                        Hindi Apnakar Desh Ka Maan Bhadayein!                                                                          Happy Hindi Diwas!!
  • तुलसी, कबीर, मीरा ने इसमें ही लिखा है,
    कवि सूर के सागर की गागर है ये हिन्दी।
  • हिंदी की ये बात सुनी जब                                                                                                           ग्लानि से भर उठी मैं तब                                                                                                          सोचा माँ की पीर बंटा दूँ                                                                                                            जन-जन तक हिंदी पहुँचा दूँ.
  • हम हिन्दी ही अपनाएँगे
    इसको ऊँचा ले जाएँगे
    हिन्दी भारत की भाषा है
    हम दुनिया को दिखाएँगे

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