Gujarat Man Disclosed with More Than 13000 Crores Black Money Goes Missing

This story was happened in Gujarat. A person named Mahesh Shah has created a sensation in the IT department tax raids. In the month of September Income tax departments has announced to show the account details of all persons.

In that process, Gujarat businessman has shown his property as Rs 13, 860 crores but he failed to pay tax on that property. By calculating his all properties he has to pay Rs 975 crores as first installment but he failed to pay the tax. So govt has declared all that property as black money.

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IT department has conducted raids in his house and relative’s house on December 1st, after the raid Mahesh Shah is missing. So the government is suspecting this case, how he earned this entire amount.

After this incident his accountant who is working for Shah Company “Appaji Amin and Co” said he don’t know about this property, he also said “according to my knowledge Shah is not a very richest person but I don’t know about this property details.”

His son Monitesh said his father didn’t escape, and he is just far away from the city, and he will return to the city soon and gives explanation for government.

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After this statement IDS is suspecting that it is really his property or any politicians are involved in this property issue. At present Mahesh is missing, police are searching for him


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