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The month of September brings only one word in the minds of people in Kerala, i.e., “Onam”. It is a Hindu festival widely celebrated throughout Kerala. Onam, a festival celebrated year after year with a great zeal and zest, a tribute to the beloved king “Mahabali”. This festival is celebrated to welcome the king, whose spirit is said to visit the Kerala at the time of Onam. We have given the Onam wishes for Facebook and Whatsapp, Onam Messages and SMS on this page.

The state triumphs under the ruling of king Mahabali though he was an Asura (demon). His people were never short of anything under his rule, and it’s a golden era for the people. The festival falls during the Malayalam month of Chingam the first month of Malayalam (Kollavarsham), which generally occurs in the month of August/September every year.

Carnival of this harvest festival lasts for four to ten days. Out of all ten days, the Atham and Thiruonam are the most important days. From this page, viewers can get the Best Onam Messages in Malayalam and English, SMS to share with your friends.

The celebrations actually last for ten days, and the significance of each day are as follows.

Celebration on Day 1 (Atham): The first day of Onam starts with the celebration of Atham. People begin the day with a holy bath, decorate their houses and the creation of floral arrangements called as Pookkalam, which signifies the welcoming the King Mahabali from the Patala Lok during Onam Festival. On this day the Atham or Hasta Nakshatra prevails.

Celebration on Day 2 (Chitthira): The people of Kerala get busy in decorating their houses. All old and unwanted things are discarded, some paint their houses. On this day Chitthira nakshatra prevails.

Celebration on Day 3 (Chodi): This day resembles the highest votes from women’s. Oh!!Yes, it’s shopping day. It is a fun-filled day that marks the start of shopping. People buy new clothes, jewellery, household things and gifts. The Swati or Chodi Nakshatra prevails on this day

Celebration on Day 4 (Vishakam): The competitions and makings for the festival will kick start on this day. The main event Onam Pookkalam competitions will be conducted across Kerala on this day. On this day, the Visaka nakshatra prevails.

Celebration on Day 5 (Anizham): The day of Anizham increases the excitement of Onam, as the rehearsals of Snake Boat races starts on this day.  The Onam boat races called Vallamkali, which happens annually and it is a most famous event. People from all over India visits to watch this spectacular event and it is major tourist event. The Anuradha nakshatra prevails on this day.

Celebration on Day 6 (Thriketta): On this day, all the family members gather for Onam celebrations. Fresh flowers will be added to the Pookkalam. The Jyeshta nakshatra prevails on this day.

Celebration on Day 7 (Moolam): On this day many temples across the Kerala state arrange the grand Onam feast called as Onasadhya. Cultural events like Puli Kali, Kaikotti kali, takes place on this day. On this day, the Moola Nakshatra prevails.

Celebration on Day 8 (Pooradam): With the final day just around the corner, the excitement reaches sky high. The Poorada Uttigal and Poorada Unigal are the main events on this day. People make clay idols of Vaman and King Mahabali called Onathappan. The design of Pookkalam increases to the whole new level of complexity. The Pooradam nakshatra prevails on this day.

Celebration on Day 9 (Uthradam): The day before Thiru Onam is celebrated as the first day of Onam. Every house lays out elaborate flower designs to welcome the King Mahabali. The Uttara Ashada Nakshatra prevails on this day.

Celebration on Day 10 (Thiruvonam): The main Onam celebrations will takes place on this day. It is believed that the King Mahabali visit the houses. All the cultural events like Folk dance, Kattakali dances, and Pookkalam competitions, etc. will come to an end.  Onathappan statues are immersed in the water bodies, and Onam Pookkalam flowers are cleared.

Here on this page, we have provided the Best collection of Onam SMS in Malayalam and English, Onam Messages and Wishes for social networking sites.

The Onam celebration is an occasion for people to remind themselves of the
all pervasive nature of the Divine.”
Wishing all Family members & dear ones a Happy Onam!

Kalaminiyumurulum vishu,
varumVarsham varum,
thiruvonam varumPinneyoro,
thalirilum poo varum kai varum,
Appozharennumenthennum aarkariyam

Ethu dhoosara sankalpangalil,
valarnalum Ethu yanthra valkritha,
lokathil pularnalumManassilundavatte,
gramathin velichavumManavum,
Mamathayum ithiri thumpappoovum
—-Happy ONAM—-

Keraliya thanima thottunarthunna,
malayalikalude hrudayathe,
pookkalam kondu theerkkunna,
naavil ruchiyeriya vibhvangalumayi,
ee ponnonathe varavelkaam.
Happy Onam.





Onam Varavayi !!!

Happy ONAM!!


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