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Happy Gudi Padwa to all!!! On occasion of this festival we are giving Gudi Padwa Images 2017. On this day don’t miss any of your friends and send this happy gudi padwa wallpapers to all. Download this Happy Gudi Padwa pictures and set as your WhatsApp Dp’s and facebook cover photos

Gudi padwa is known as Marathi New year. The name derived from the Sanskrit word name for Chaitra Shukla Pratipad. It is the first day of Chaitra month which indicated the beginning of the New Year according to the luni solar Hindu calendar.

Here gudi is found sticking out of the window or prominently displayed in the traditions houses of Maharashtrians. It will be in the bright green colour and yellow cloth adorned with brocaded tied to the tied to the tip of the long bamboo over which sugar crystals. To the end, they will tie neem leaves, the twig of mango leaves, and the garland of red flowers are tied. A silver or copper pot is placed in the reverse position on top of it.

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According to the history, this gudi was placed symbolising the victory of Ram over the Ravana. On this day people will clean their houses and at early morning they will take oil bath and wear new clothes. In the family, all members will eat the neem leaves or else they will make it as paste and mix it with coriander seeds, jaggery and tamarind. They believe by eating this item, immunity system will increase.

On this day people will make the different type of dishes like Shrikhand, poori, kher, puran Poli, coconut milk, jaggery, rice, etc. As it is Marathi New Year, they will begin important things from this day. On occasion of this festival we are giving Gudi Padwa Images 2017, send this images to all your friends.

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Set this Happy gudi padwa wallpapers as desktop and mobile screen savers to increase the festivity. Wish all of your friends with this Gudi Padwa pictures. The festival tidhi falls on both 28th and 29th March 2017