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The temperature in the Bhira, Maharashtra has touched the highest point of 46.5 degrees. Up to now it is the highest temperature recorded in that place and it is 7°C more than average temperature.

As per the weather report, this condition will continue for two more days. The temperature has risen due to the dry and hot winds from the north direction and these hot wind waves have touched the coastal area of Maharashtra. This heat wave is also spread to Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan states, due to that temperature have increased in those places also.

In Bhira, the maximum temperature recorded in this year is 30°C, so it is very uncommon to have 46.5 degrees at a time. Up to now people in this region does not experience normal temperature also, but now they are encountering with more than normal temperature.

Weather experts said the heat waves would blow for 2 to 3 days, and the temperature will remain same. Experts also said waves with moisture are expected to blow from the west direction within few days then the temperature will gradually come down. But up to that time people have to face tough time

In Capital City Delhi, the temperature is expected to touch 40°C by the end of this month. If the situation continues like these, people in India are going to face worse condition in the month of May.

People must take precautions to avoid Sun Stroke. It is advisable to stay at home in afternoon times, take more fluids to increase the water content in the body. People must get ready to fight with high temperature.