Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar on Monday said that government will reintroduce, compulsory class X board examination for CBSE Schools from the 2017-18 academic year.

The latest decision of the government was said by the union HRD minister in an informal conversation with the press reporters after a meeting with the Rajasthan Education Minister. He also said that the state government will have the authority to reintroduce Class V and VIII board examinations, which is yet to be tabled in the cabinet and then in the parliament.

“The decision to conduct Class V and VIII board examinations will be left with the state,” Javadekar said.

The main focus is on improving the quality of education in schools specially government ones according to javdekar.

While praising the initiatives taken by Rajasthan government improving the school education, Javadekar said much improvement in the quality of education in government schools had been brought in the state, which was 25 years ago called “Bimaru”.

He also mentioned that the enrolment in the government schools in Rajasthan has increased by 15 lakhs where Utkarsh Adarsh schools have been opened.

The minister said that Narendra Modi government is working on the aspects related to academic improvement and wants the curiosity of the students to improve along with education. As a response to a question asked related to suicides by IIT aspirants, he said that government would provide free online coaching and study material.


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