GSTN portal is facing technical issues since a large number of people are coming and filing GST tax returns. So the government had issued a notice to extend for another five days. That is all taxpayers have to file the returns and payments under GST regime by the end of the last date, i.e., August 25th.

Earlier the last day for filing GST returns for July had changed to 21st of August due to heavy traffic at ‘’ The Portal faced sudden technical malfunctions and was unable to pull the load.  The website of ‘www.gst.Gov.In‘ scrolled a statement “We are experiencing slowness and are working to improve the response. Please bear with us.”

By evening Finance ministry stated, that “The GST Implementation Committee, consisting of state and central government officers, has decided to extend the last date for payment of GST from July 2017 to August 25, 2017.”

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The state of Jammu and Kashmir also requested to extend the time because of late passing their ordinance. Ministry said  “In order not to face any last moment technological difficulty in the submission of returns, all taxpayers are requested to kindly file their return well before 25th / 28th of August 2017 and not wait for the last date,”

As announced earlier, taxpayers who want to avail transition credit for TRANS1, the filing of returns will be August 28th, 2017. For taxpayers who do not want to credit TRANS1, the last date of returns will be 25th August 2017.

Today morning traders all over the country were unable to cope with filing returns and uploading GSTR 3B on GST network portal. So the company gave authority to build the IT backbone for new indirect tax government. GST Network took to twitter, saying, and “The GST portal is experiencing some issues. Kindly try after some time.”

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From July 1st GST that is Goods and Tax regime was implemented, Previously filing of GST returns is begin for July on August 5th. Now business is expected to collect monthly tax returns.

While 72 lakh taxpayers by whom any tax or any other sum of money is payable under “income tax act 1961” have migrated to GST portal. While 60 lakh, taxpayers have completed the migration process.


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