Many of us are not aware of best apps for capturing the 360-degree camera. Usually, we do it with Google Street View and Photospheres. Now Android Experiments has comes up by encouraging the developers to explore the new ways for the people for interacting with the mobile devices.A new App called Sprayscape has introduced and now available on Google Play store for Android users.

Currently, iOS application is under development phase. This app is self-describes itself as a “perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera app for Android.”  This description seems apt and appropriate once you experience using the Sprayscape.

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What is Sprayscape ? How does it work ?

Sprayscape uses gyroscope of the device for taking the pictures with the inside or the 360-degree sphere.  All you have to do is, just tap on the screen to spray faces, places, or anything else which you find scenic.

You can start capturing the images with Primary camera, and you can even use the secondary camera for shooting from your device. Once you are done with capturing, just click on tick mark for saving the image. These images will be saved on your device.

This is what you’ve captured and you can able to share those creations with the sharable link to your friends, and you can look around using their phones or even Google Cardboard.

In the previous year, Android Experiments was launched, and the developers are creating some fresh and awesome stuff with the Android. Creative, ingenious, and surprising things are done by the developers. Each month many great projects being sent.

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“We were inspired to make & share an experiment of our own. We love virtual reality (VR). And we love taking pictures. So why not try smashing the two together?” Says Glenn Cochon, Senior Designer, and Google Creative Lab.

The open source code is available for the Sprayscape app, and you can explore it know how it works.

Get the Google’s Sprayscape camera app officially from Google Play Store. This app is available for free on the Pay Store. Download the app and start capturing. Live the experiences. iOS users have to wait for some time to experience Sprayscape on their Apple devices.


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