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Google’s Nexus Launcher Now Becomes Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher leaks, hinting the end of Google’s Nexus brand

A buzz was created back in August about what Google is planning for its Nexus launch in 2016. Over the weeks as we come across the information about the updates from Google, the name Nexus doesn’t make any sense.

It seems Google won’t tend to keep the brand name Nexus anymore. With the recent announcement, Google confirmed its adoption of Pixel Brand in its 2016 smartphone. New handsets to be released will call as Pixel and Pixel XL.

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Further reports confirmed the new branding would possess a renamed “Pixel launcher” which previously known as the “Nexus Launcher.”

As we have a glance at screenshots, new pixels launcher hasn’t brought any major changes in term of features when compared to the Nexus Launcher. The change is limited to a new name and a new number for the version.

Another interesting this is the version number also helps to identify the Android version of the Pixel devices. As per the earlier reports, the devices may pack with a latest Android version 7.1.

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The search engine giant may host an event on 4 October to unleash the new pixel smartphones. As of now, Google hasn’t made any APK’s available for the Pixel Launcher. Sooner or later, Google will drop if there is anything like Nexus Launcher.

As users though that nexus would remain its Google’s software features which eventually proved wrong with the latest announcement of the name change. The name Pixel Launcher is the only solid proof to stop such assumptions.

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