Google Job Search: Google has launched new jobs search feature right on its search result pages. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered feature lets you search for jobs across the major online job boards like LinkedIn, Monster virtually. Also, Google will add job listings finds on its homepage. Fundamentally, the idea of this Google Job search is to assist job seekers to search available jobs at one platform. Besides that, Google jobs search feature helps in cutting down duplicate postings and lots of irrelevant jobs.

Google Job search feature allows you to filter jobs by industry, location, when they were posted, and employer. If you find a relevant query, you can turn on notifications to get an immediate alert of new job listing which matches your search.

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“Finding a job is like dating, each person has a unique set of preferences, and it only takes one person to fill this job,” says, Nick Zakrasek, Product Manager at Google.

Firstly, Google has to dedupe all the duplicate listings on the job sites to create a comprehensive list. Then this AI-powered categorizes the jobs and help the search engines to understand the job posting. If you find the job of your preference, Google will redirect you to the job website and start the actual application process. The job search feature will link you the complete job posting if in case the job is listed in multiple sites.

“We hope this will act as an incentive for sites to share all the pertinent details in their listings for job seekers,” says a Google spokesperson.

The data of these job search feature can be validated through a structured data testing tool which allows you preview those listings. Google also assured a new filter to the Search Analytics report to this Google job search feature. This helps to track how well your job listings are doing in Google search.


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