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G Suite Admins: Back in May this year, a scam compromised Google Docs links and their accounts by giving untrustworthy third-party apps access to their information. Google ensured the situation when the scam was spread initially. Now, the search engine giant has introduced more G Suite admin controls which allow them to prevent users from installing third-party apps.

The latest G Suite admin controls update brings a new security feature, called OAuth apps whitelisting. This OAuth apps whitelisting improves data access control and enhances the phishing prevention. Essentially, the new feature allows the admins to decide the third-party apps which will be allowed to access users’ G Suite data.

“Once an app is part of a whitelist, users can choose to grant authorized access to their G Suite apps data. This prevents malicious apps from tricking users into accidentally granting access to their corporate data,” Reena Nadkarni, Group Product Manager at G Suite, said in a blog post.

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With this G Suite admin controls update, the admins get “fine-grained” visibility into the third-party apps which access the G Suite data. Google says that the update will be out in phases and will show up for admins in the next few days.

For unknown, the Google Docs phishing scam was found hard to detect when compared with previous scams. It made use of authentic Google login for access to users’ information.


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