Does genetics play a significant role in deciding your child’s educational achievement and the job success?  Let’s check out what the researchers of the new genetics study say.

A never ending debate of parents, educators and scientists for decades on how much of the intelligence is down to nature or nurture has hopefully come to an end with this study. A new genetic study which was carried out among social scientists looked at genetic data of 300,000 people at European descent uncovered 74 genes which may affect the educational level of a person, which in turn also affect the job success.

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An international team of Researchers in this study did not relate employment directly to the degree of education. While the researchers in previous studies showed a strong connection between the level of education, a person achieves and future job and pay.

Researchers in this study scanned genomes of a vast number of individuals and were able to find which genes related health conditions and other life factors including the level of education. Though the effect was minimal, the researches study revealed that the people with certain variants of same 74 genes were more likely to achieve high levels of education.

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Dr Daniel Benjamin, a researcher at The University of Sothern California said, “This study builds on our earlier work in which we had studied 100,000 individuals and found three genetic variants linked to educational attainment.”

“This time, because of our much larger sample – almost 300,000 individuals – we were able to identify far more genetic variants that are associated with educational attainment,” added Daniel Benjamin.

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The researchers who focused on only people of European descent say that these gene variants can have an effect on the amount of schooling a person receives and they account for just 0.43% of the genetic contribution to educational achievement.

‘Educational attainment is jointly influenced by genes and environment,’ added Dr Benjamin. “The genetic variants that we found account for a small fraction of the differences across individuals in education.’

The findings were published in the journal Nature Genetics.


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